Curtis Bennett’s Interview with Stay on The Truth on Burden of Proof Linking RF EMFs to Adverse Health Effects, Ecocide, Accelerated Corrosion on September 14, 2015 at 8PM EST

Curtis Bennett’s Interview with Stay on The Truth on Burden of Proof Linking RF EMFs to Adverse Health Effects, Ecocide, Accelerated Corrosion on September 14, 2015 at 8PM EST
By Curtis Bennett

September 14, 2015
Curtis Bennett’s Interview with Stay on The Truth on Burden of Proof Linking RF EMFs to Adverse Health Effects, Ecocide, Accelerated Corrosion on September 14, 2015 at 8PM EST
Stay on the Truth is interviewing Adjunct Professor Curtis Bennett on September 14, 2015. The interview again substantiates the Causal Burden of Proof linking Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields to adverse health effects, Ecocide including accelerated corrosion of buildings and infrastructure that was reported 5 years earlier. This Burden of Proof is applicable to every country because the same science standards are used globally. It is critically important for those reading this or listening to the interview that under no circumstances do you interpret the RF EMF interaction unless you are a qualified electrical professional. Health Canada’s exposure code quote:
“The rate and distribution of RF energy absorption depends strongly on the frequency, intensity and orientation of the incident fields as well as the body size and its constitutive properties (dielectric constant and conductivity).” Page 7 second paragraph of Safety Code 6(2009).

The same way we use 60/50 Hz EMFs for electrical circuits, RF EMFs are wireless electrical circuits used for communication. Electrical circuits are known insulated conductors; wireless circuits are uninsulated and EVERYTHING hit by the RF EMFs becomes part of the conductor. That is the reason great care and consideration is required before using wireless EMFs.

When meeting with an International Masters in Civil Engineering to qualify the RF EMFs interaction with biology, buildings, fire separations or infrastructure required substantiating the electrical interaction of the RF EMFs penetrating buildings. When it comes to biology, ecosystems, pollinators, forests, watersheds, fish, atmosphere, etc, it is an electrical mechanism first. Then the applicable science professional is incorporated.


In 2010 media was reporting parents and children of Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada were concerned that WiFi in classrooms was harming their children. Lecturing magnetism as well as the dangers of EMFs in accredited medical education required an investigation because the parents were being dismissed as well as ridiculed. As soon as it was found out RF EMFs were being used to cover a classroom so children could use their laptops, we said “you can’t do that, you are putting the children, teachers and buildings inside an electrical circuit.

In order for people to take code compliance seriously we will use it as it applies to your home, building or investments. Banks, mortgage companies, lenders, insurers and Building Inspection require compliance with applicable codes. When inspecting buildings or consulting on buildings, compliance with applicable codes is required or there will be no sale or occupancy. Building Codes, Electrical Codes, etc do not contain statements that buildings are falling down or people are getting electrocuted but carry on until we find peer reviewed science so we can amend the code.

During the investigation of WiFi in schools, the first job was to find applicable codes related to exposure. Contacting Health Canada regarding the Limits of Human Exposure to these RF EMFs referred us to Safety Code 6(2009).

The primary purpose of the code is to protect the public. The strength of the code is that the RF EMFs are NOT supposed to hit you. Experimental studies show it can lead to nerve and muscle depolarization. As Adjunct Professor Dr. Peter Goldberg explained to me, nerves and muscles naturally polarize and depolarize BUT not with an EMF trigger. Dr. Goldberg further clarified that it isn’t just affecting nerves and muscles. The nervous, hormonal and immune systems work together. When you read the first 9 pages of this exposure code the language is alarming and extremely dangerous. The code admits they are inducing currents(amps). Wireless Communication requires electromagnetic radiation which electromagnetically induces currents. The last thing any electrical professional wants to hear is currents are being induced, that is how people can be electrocuted.

When you hear about Power Density and watts? Watts = Volts X Amps.
Page 9 of Safety Code 6 admits causality and biological plausibility is missing. The code also says the code will be amended once peer reviewed science is received substantiating adverse health effects.

It requires investigation as to how this was ever allowed to happen because typically we would find the missing cause first before proceeding with these dangerous RF EMF as applied.

The Specific Absorption Rate test for the limits of human exposure demonstrates how causality and biological plausibility were missing for decades. The name of the test itself is an admission the RF EMFs are being absorbed and an admission of harm.

Causation was reported to Health Canada on September 14, 2010 by government certified professionals.

Following that is was provided by expert witness at the request of Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health at their request October 28, 2010. The Report of the government came out in December of 2010 and the NDP stated in their Supplementary Report on page 32 that Health Canada should investigate specific to Curtis Bennett’s credentials. Making it real important is causation was lectured in accredited medical education for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing at the University of Central Florida January, 2011. That means it is no longer opinion but accepted medical education applicable across Canada and the United States

Prior to September 14, 2010 the wireless industry could state it wasn’t know that harm was caused, after September 14, there is going to be liability. As government and industry certified professionals, their job is to report to and through authorities for code rulings or to cover their butt. September 14, 2010 causation was reported to municipal, provincial and federal governments. Their job is to challenge it but pass it along including to other countries and that didn’t happen. The W.H.O. as an example reported May 31, 2011 that cell phones were possibly carcinogenic. If the Canadian Government had reported the causal link had been found and reported by Canadian Government Professionals, the W.H.O. would have reported cell phones as carcinogenic.

Prime Minister Harper as the Chief Administrator for the Canadian Government didn’t do his job and will have to account for allowing an extra 5 years of electromagnetic radiation of populations. Politically he didn’t share it with other political parties or the UN Members looking for this critically important information.

Health Canada did revise Safety Code 6 and retained the Royal Society of Canada. Unfortunately while the code was being revised Industry Canada was selling the 700 MHz RF EMF range. The Ontario Government announced 150 million for WiFi in Kindergartens, Ottawa allowed WiFi in public parks and across Canada mass installation of wireless smart meters was allowed. That is shameful, reckless and negligent causing unrealized trillions in real damage.

The Royal Society of Canada will not only have to account for their reckless endangerment of populations, they have to account for the SAR test technically overwhelming the intellectually elite. Here is a picture of a model used for the SAR test for limits of human exposure.
Sam Phantom Model
Sam Phantom Model Specific Absorption Rate Test with Temperature Probe in Liquid.
The Auditor General of Canada audits the Canadian Government and Sustainable Development is under the Auditor General’s Act.

Here is Sustainable Development from the link above. It substantiates blanket Electromagnetic Radiation of ecosystems and populations is illegal.


Marginal note: Purpose
21.1 In addition to carrying out the functions referred to in subsection 23(3), the purpose of the Commissioner is to provide sustainable development monitoring and reporting on the progress of category I departments towards sustainable development, which is a continually evolving concept based on the integration of social, economic and environmental concerns, and which may be achieved by, among other things,
(a) the integration of the environment and the economy;
(b) protecting the health of Canadians;
(c) protecting ecosystems;
(d) meeting international obligations;
(e) promoting equity;
(f) an integrated approach to planning and making decisions that takes into account the environmental and natural resource costs of different economic options and the economic costs of different environmental and natural resource options;
(g) preventing pollution; and
(h) respect for nature and the needs of future generations.
1995, c. 43, s. 5; 2008, c. 33, s. 16; 2010, c. 16, s. 5.

It doesn’t matter who you are or the industry you are involved with, join the call from Stay on the Truth. There are no such things as dumb questions and all will be answered.

Here is the interview and it is long but good education trying to summarize years of work and investigation. RF EMFs are illegal as applied.

Curtis Bennett Interview by Stay on The Truth September 14, 2105

Audio only
The interview by Stay on the Truth of RF EMF Exposure, Limits of Human Exposure, Adverse Health Effects, Accelerated Corrosion of Buildings, Infrastructure, Ecosystems, etc tries to simplify a complex issue. Causation and Biological Plausibility has been missing for decades but reported September 14, 2010 to Health Canada.

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Curtis Bennett Interview by Stay On The Truth

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Former Professor Curtis Bennett

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