2015 10 08, EMF Harm International Call with Sandy Fields,
Guests: Dianne Knight of 'Stay On The Truth' and Curtis Bennett

2015 10 08, EMF Harm International Call
Sandy Fields
Dianne Knight of 'Stay On The Truth'
Curtis Bennett

Sandy Fields,
EMF Harm International

Dianne Knight of
'Stay On The Truth'

Curtis Bennett

Thursday, October 8, 2015 at 2:00 pm Eastern Time

Interviewer: Sandy Fields of 'EMF Harm International'

Guest Facilitator: Dianne Knight of 'Stay On The Truth'

Guest: Curtis Bennett,
Chief Science Officer,
Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal),
Building Engineering Technologist,
Adjunct Professor for Accredited Medical Education For CME Credits,
Thermal Radiation Consultant for 35 Years

Bringing Us All Together


To distinguish, within a TLC Love Frame, how any path except Curtis's Medical Team's approach,
in the long run,

and for some of us in the short term, will cost each of us, and everyone else, and all Life on the Planet, our Lives.

It's about bringing us all together.

Proactive Preparation for October 8, 2015 call: ===============================================

1. Ask your questions ahead of time here:

2. Please say what you do for work so that Curtis Bennett can speak to you with the language of your profession.

3. RF EMF interaction is an electrical mechanism first. Then the applicable science professional is incorporated.

4. Under no circumstances do you interpret the RF EMF interaction unless you are a qualified electrical professional. This is the same as in any other regulated profession; an example is you do not practice law without a licence specific to your jurisdiction.

5. Health Canada’s exposure code, quote “The rate and distribution of RF energy absorption depends strongly on the frequency, intensity and orientation of the incident fields as well as the body size and its constitutive properties (dielectric constant and conductivity).” Page 7 second paragraph of Safety Code 6(2009), applies to every jurisdiction because the same science standards are used globally.

6. The same way qualified electrical professionals use 60/50 Hz EMFs for electrical circuits, RF EMFs are wireless electrical circuits used for communication. Electrical wired circuits are known insulated conductors; wireless circuits are uninsulated and EVERYTHING hit by the RF EMFs becomes part of the conductor. That is the reason great care and consideration is required before using wireless EMFs.

7. As it was found out RF EMFs were being used to cover a classroom so children could use their laptops, Curtis Bennett's Continuing Medical Education Team said “You can’t do that, you are putting the children, teachers and buildings inside an electrical circuit."

8. There is no such thing as a dumb question. No question is too tough.

Introduction and Rationale for Questions

Curtis Bennett's Team, with 14,301 members of Medical Academia, is supporting everyone with a science background that has found harm from EMFs.

As the world’s foremost authority on applying infrared technologies at molecular levels, with decades of advanced research as an infrared consultant and as a first response consulting company, Curtis's science background is atoms and molecules, magnetic fields, electromagnetic fields, heat transfer and seeing it.

Here is a Wikipedia on Thermal Radiation, cited 2015 10 08:

'Thermal radiation is electromagnetic radiation generated by the thermal motion of charged particles in matter. An object with a temperature greater than absolute zero emits thermal radiation. When the temperature of the body is greater than absolute zero, interatomic collisions cause the kinetic energy of the atoms or molecules to change. This results in charge-acceleration and/or dipole oscillation which produces electromagnetic radiation, and the wide spectrum of radiation reflects the wide spectrum of energies and accelerations that occur even at a single temperature.'

On this call, we have a lot of science to cover in this short period. 

The questions below are given to proactively develop a logical argument and conclusion within the thought processes of those who are reading these posts and comments. They are done from the perspective of stepping into a new listener's or a more advanced person's shoes, in order to understand the entire EMF mankind-made hazards picture that has been "undiscovered" or unfortunately misinterpreted, up until now.

It's about everybody and the integrity of all people.It's about being cost effective initially, before we determine the professionals needing to be involved. In explaining that interaction it pertains to Curtis Bennett's specific areas of expertise. Electrical education includes everything in existence. Everything in the world is made of is on the Periodic Table.

RF EMFs are not like sunlight; these RF EMFs go through bodies, biology, building, infrastructure, pollinators, ecosystems and penetrate the ground. It's about doing accurate imaging, giving sight to all, where otherwise it is calculated, from fire-fighters seeing through the smoke to finding groundwater below the surface of the ground, considered to be Nature’s hidden treasure.

Giving medical professionals sight of inflammation, Difficult Diagnosis and the early detection of Breast Cancer using Non Invasive Radiology can't be overstated. It's about Dr. Ronald Lynch's and the Integrative Health Forum's years of progressive work in these areas. It's about Environmental Toxicities as well as Diabetic Neuropathy, Accelerating Wound Healing, Saving Feet from Amputation, Increasing Circulation, Reducing Inflammation and teaching a Thermography Practicum where otherwise Medicine is blind. It is work that is worthy of the Nobel Prize. So called "Non Thermal" effects of EMF exposure can be seen.

Click images to enlarge.

"Second Positioning" (from the other guy's shoes) Background Material to Inspire Thoughts & Questions

Q 1. Curtis Bennett, Could you please expand upon: "When you read the first 9 pages of this exposure code the language is alarming and extremely dangerous" pertaining to Safety Code 6(2009)?

Safety Code 6(2009

Q 2. Curtis Bennett, Could you please explain in detail about:"The primary purpose of the code is to protect the public. The strength of the code is that the RF EMFs are NOT supposed to hit you. Experimental studies show it can lead to nerve and muscle depolarization. As Adjunct Professor Dr. Peter Goldberg explained to me, nerves and muscles naturally polarize and depolarize BUT not with an EMF trigger."

Adjunct Professor Peter Goldberg

Peter Goldberg

And then explain the significance of "Neuropeptides are the chemical equivalent of a biological communication system linking the nervous, hormonal and immune systems. When one of these systems is either strengthened or depressed the others will be affected profoundly. The nervous system is like an on off switch in that it runs on that positive / negative relationship of polarization and depolarization you have eloquently referred to numerous times. Once the depolarization process begins it not only impacts the nervous system communication but impacts the delicate hormonal and immune systems functioning as well. There are coherent frequencies and incoherent frequencies. The former has innate "orderliness" while the latter demonstrates a disorderly state. That's why we refer to someone as "incoherent" as being in a disordered state of consciousness. When a coherent bio-electric pattern becomes disrupted by frequencies that are nothing short of an electrical storm and assaulting the natural rhythms of the body, one's mental faculties become severely compromised. Unfortunately we are just seeing the beginning of an epidemic of highly dysfunctional and psychopathic behaviours.

Please see: 'Smart Grid Stimulating Nerves, Killing Biology, Radiating Buildings, Infrastructure & Providing Excuse for Criminal Behavior'

Smart Grid Stimulating Nerves, Killing Biology, Radiating Buildings, Infrastructure & Providing Excuse for Criminal Behaviour

Smart Grid Stimulating Nerves, Killing Biology, Radiating Buildings, Infrastructure & Providing Excuse for Criminal Behaviour

Neuropeptides are the chemical equivalent of a biological communication system linking the nervous, hormonal and immune systems

Neuropeptides are the chemical equivalent of a biological communication system linking the nervous, hormonal and immune systems

Q 3. Curtis Bennett, Could you please tell us more about: "Power Density and Watts", as electrical professionals use "Watts = Volts X Amps" and how this relates to human exposure safety for wireless electricity?

Q 4. Curtis Bennett, What is the significance of: "Page 9 of Safety Code 6 admits causality and biological plausibility is missing" in relation to human exposure codes for the transmission of wireless electricity?

Q 5. Curtis Bennett, How could it be that when the "Specific Absorption Rate test for the limits of human exposure demonstrates how causality and biological plausibility were missing for decades" we went ahead regardlessly and have so many devices today transmitting wireless electricity?

Cell Phone Radiation and SAR TEST

Q 6. Curtis Bennett, Why is the "Sam Phantom Model Specific Absorption Rate Test with Temperature Probe in Liquid" not a valid test for our human exposure code?

Sam Phantom Model Specific Absorption Rate Test with Temperature Probe in Liquid

Q 7. Curtis Bennett, When the harm of EMF exposure and electrical causation was found and reported and then lectured in accredited medical education for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing at the University of Central Florida in January, 2011 and the legal significance means it is no longer electrical opinion but accepted medical education applicable across Canada and the United States, why do we still have wireless electricity in unrestricted general use in both of these countries?

wireless electricity

Q 8. Curtis Bennett, Your work substantiates the work of the EMF scientists, including the BioInitiative Report, and yet there is a huge difference. Could you please explain primary electrical causation and then what comes next, the health effects of RF EMFs employed as wireless electrical circuits?

BioInitiative Report

Q 9. Curtis Bennett, At this moment, you and your Continuing Medical Education Team are the sole group of scientists and doctors in the world who have done work that is protective of all life, with the intention of implementing the Precautionary Principle virtually 100%. Could you please distinguish why the proposed ALARA protocol does not accommodate the long term accumulated health effects of Radio Frequency Microwave Radiation? [Screenshot at 7:15 min. from the video, 'Cell Towers and Cancer' with Dr. Martin Blank presenting the theory of the BioInitiative Report' uploaded at https://www.facebook.com/groups/EMFHarm/permalink/1645983762336177/

ALARA protocol does not accommodate the long term accumulated health effects of Radio Frequency Microwave Radiation

Q 10. Curtis Bennett, Could you please tell us the critical difference between the term "subtle electrocution", the proper electrical language for what is happening that applies to 100% of the population at varying degrees and the term "Electrical Hypersensitivity(EHS)"?
Please see:
Washington State Department of Health Responding To Wi-Fi Safety Concerns in Our Schools


 Washington State Department of Health Responding To Wi-Fi Safety Concerns in Our Schools

Q 11. Curtis Bennett, As a first response consulting company discovering a significant error or omission in safety standards, and reported by expert witness to Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health on potential health impacts of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation as an international emergency, with all the required professional humility, why do you insist that all those who do not possess your credentials stand aside and not take it personally?
Please see:
'President Obama on Error Reported in Safety Standards on Wireless'

President Obama on Error Reported in Safety Standards on Wireless

Q 12. Curtis Bennett, Could you please explain that when temperature starts at -273 deg. C, when Absolute Zero is minus 273.15, there is no such thing as "Non Thermal" health effects that are truly caused by RF EMF interaction as an electrical mechanism?

Q 13. Curtis Bennett, How are First Responders trained so that they can do what they need to do, always putting "Service Before Self", and from this perspective, why is it that well intentioned others who imagine they are helping with the EMF issue and then find they are not because they are not fully qualified technically to take on the totality of the depth of the complexities, truly making your job much harder?

Q 14. On our paths of stopping EMF Harm, we find multiple expressions of our emotions of Fear and Love. Naturally, well-founded fears are good because they cause us to take appropriate actions to avoid real dangers. On the other hand, we hear of people who are convinced that they are 'Targeted Individuals'(TIs), being intentionally harmed by individually directed EMFs. Do the blanketed EMFs compromise our bodies and thereby cause us to have a tendency in our minds to create self-sabotaging behaviours? If so, can each one of us maintain adequate internal discipline to overcome the illusions that appear real? Curtis Bennett, could you tell us please what really happens?

Q 15. 2015 10 08 Curtis Bennett, Please explain where you see the work of your Medical Team will lead to, referring to your comment in another forum?

Curtis Bennett: "George Parker, Dianne Knight, They are not and can not deliberately electrocute people. If I were negligent in my capacity and an apprentice or someone got killed, I am liable including criminally. If someone came to your house to deliberately harm or kill your family, how would you react? It is absolutely sad what has happened with wireless over decades. You worked in communications in the Vietnam War and while the technology was dangerous when exposed lack of communication in the field wasn't an option. George Parker Causation, Biological Plausibility and the mechanisms linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects had been missing for decades. That includes declassified military documents admitting these mechanisms were not understood. They knew bodies were made of water and it angers me that monkeys were radiated where they internally heated up to 42 deg.C. The monkeys acted out as it was put instead of the fact they were being subtly electrocuted in experiments. Electricity and EMFs are incredibly complex. Shut off the electricity to all industries, homes and products. No NASA, no flight, no vehicles, no power tools, oil, devices, Microsoft, etc. Think of the amazing engineering it took to land a Spacecraft on an asteroid? EMFs are an electrical interaction FIRST and that has to be interpreted by qualified electrical professionals. Electricity has to do with everything on the Periodic Table and everything in existence is electrical at the atomic and molecular level. We dealt with Physicists, PhDs, Professional Engineers, Epidemiologists, MDs, Neurologists, etc, etc claiming the RF EMFs were safe as applied. My simple response was "you are not qualified in any electrical opinion". Electrical Engineers are not qualified to do electrical work, it is electricians that design, install, maintain and troubleshoot. IEEE has recklessly approved and advanced wireless use which isn't advisable when they have errors and omission's insurance. They based safety on the SAR test which is specific to heating water molecules. It is an expensive error and omission to leave out the antennas, Wi-Fi Routers, smart grid required for smart meters as well as all bio-electrical information associated with biology. Causation is how people are hit by the EMF which are antennas, Wi-Fi and smart grid. Biological Plausibility is immediate as soon as you electrically include the bio-electrical information. That was all missing in exposure codes and reported in September, 2010 by government electrical professionals. The RF EMFs are illegal as applied right now. It isn't that you or others are being ignored, no one was consulted or informed by industries or governments. Anyone that says the RF EMFs are safe is relying on this picture showing the science the FCC, Health Canada, Australia, Europe, etc. Can you see why they report no health effects? The plastic head doesn't have health or biology. Topping that off the plastic head and SAR test is being used to bypass all other sciences, engineering, municipal jurisdiction, Building Codes, etc when it is applicable to nothing. This is what they are using to say your children are safe in schools when the code is specific that the RF EMFs are not supposed to hit people."

Dianne Knight: Sandy Fields, We are asking for an opportunity to do a sequential call with you to answer important questions that were missed in the call of 2015 10 08 and develop a conclusion please.


Sandy Fields: "Yes, Dianne Knight- I'd be happy to do a follow-up. Please let me know how you'd like to structure this..."

Q 16. 2015 10 08 Curtis Bennett, Please give us an in depth view of where the work of your Medical Team will lead to in achieving Peace, in a a sequential call with you referring to: "Imagine there were no more wireless microwaves, no more expendable people, no more injuries, no more deaths, no more EMF scientific research, no more electromagnetic warfare weapons..."


Curtis Bennett: Dianne Knight, Diane King, Janice Hicks, "There is nothing in what is posted that is personal, 100% of our work is codes and standards. The science is on your side 100% and you can stop this RF EMF assault. Your municipalities, Building Inspection, engineers, insurers, medical professionals, Fire Departments, Police Departments or academia across the board were not informed or consulted. The RF EMFs are NOT supposed to hit you, buildings or ecosystems without exception. With smart meters as an example a short distance from the meter is supposed to keep you safe...ooops, they left out the smart grid REQUIRED to communicate with meters. That substantiates how you and others are hit. We are not reporting as lobbyists, we were warning about the real liability as per codes."

Q 17. 2015 10 08 Curtis Bennett, Could you please give us a view of our future when the work of your Medical Team will lead to achieving Peace, by nullifying the need for energy generated by nuclear reactors, through mitigating our urban heat island generators that are massively exceeding building code for temperature, and thereby no longer making weapons-grade substances for nuclear weapons.

One day we will realize that Big Hearts will bring us more PEACE than Big Weapons

Open Frame Discussion

Q 1. Do You Swear To Tell The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth?

Q 2. Is "Safer Use of Wireless Technology" inclusive of any life in the long term?

Q 3. Is "Safer Use of Wireless Technology" on Human Beings actually upholding our Human Rights as signed by all the nations of the world under the Nuremberg treaty or associated with or participating in a questionable act or a crime; having complicity by committing crimes against Peace by planning, preparation, initiation or waging of war or aggression on Humanity in violation of international treaties? Please see: 'Nuremberg Trial and International Law':

Nuremberg Trial and International Law

Q 4. Did you know that according to Merry Callaghan: "...the American trial lawyers now stand behind that wireless radiation health effects are equatable to the same disease and latency as that from nuclear radiation exposure..."?
Please see:
Non-Ionizing Radiation:
Identical Health Effects to Radioactive Radiation

Q 5. Is "Safer Use of Wireless Technology" committing Ecocide?

Q 6. Is "Safer Use of Wireless Technology" complicitly ignoring what could happen to a nuclear power plant when bombarded by RF EMF?
Please see:
RF EMFs Causing Accelerated Corrosion of Power Plants, Buildings & Infrastructure


RF EMFs Causing Accelerated Corrosion of Power Plants, Buildings & Infrastructure

Q 7. Is "Safer Use of Wireless Technology" technically qualified to offer any contrary credentialed electrical expert opinion and provide expert written documents and expert witness testimony to challenge the world’s foremost authority on applying infrared technologies at molecular levels with decades of advanced research as an infrared consultant (all applications), Curtis Bennett?
Please see:
'Curtis Bennett: Education and Credentials'


Curtis Bennett: Sandy Fields, They are suffering now and it is now accredited medical education lectured for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. It is applicable in every state to every union. You are speaking about having Sharon M. Weinstein being interviewed for Interoccupy, you need to clarify this. Every measurable second the EMFs expand and collapse billions of times. There is no safer use of wireless in classrooms, it has to be wired without exception. With great respect for your work this letter should be shared with 100% of health professionals, unions, etc. It isn't selling anything, it is approved medical education now, not an opinion.
25 September, 2015 at 13:37 Eastern Time

Curtis Bennett: Sandy Fields, With respect to intent the guidelines are inaccurate. If a WiFi Router in a classroom reaches 800 feet, 10 feet from the router means you still have 790 feet plus overlap to be worried about. FortisBC is going to cover 6564 sq. miles, that means the entire area is a man made microwave oven.
25 September, 2015 at 13:41 Eastern Time

People grow when they are loved well.

EMF Harm International Call "Bringing Us All Together"

(1:34:00 min.)

Former Professor Curtis Bennett


Curtis Bennett Interview by Stay On The Truth, 5th Anniversary of Reporting of Critical Error or Omission in Health Canada's Safety Code 6 on Wi Fi or RF, Monday, September 14, 2015

Submission For Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission on
RF EMFs Causing Accelerated Corrosion Making the Power Plants Non Compliant With Building Codes


'Was the United States of America notified by the Canadian Government of massive energy waste that could have been conserved? 'Prime Minister Harper as the leader of the Canadian Government could share that with all provinces creating 100s of thousands of jobs and knocking massive energy waste off the electrical grid which would immediately reduce emissions. UN Members genuinely worried about warming the atmosphere all countries share have committed over half a trillion dollars to reduce global warming and Canada would be the source of that information that had been missing. We started reporting to the Canadian Government and applicable authorities in the early 2000s but no qualified response.'

Curtis Bennett: Dianne Knight, "If the first line is a question about whether the United States was informed or consulted, the answer is no."
16 September, 2015 at 12:23

Dianne Knight: Right! Sandy Fields: This is your responsibility to inform the entire country of the United States of America of massive energy waste that could have been conserved.

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