Health Minister on Wi Fi
Re: Urgent Information on Wi Fi Safety in Schools

Health Minister on Wi Fi Re: Urgent Information on Wi Fi Safety in Schools

There has been critical information missing in the discussion on
Wi Fi safety and the Wireless Industry can validate that information once it is clarified here.

~ Curtis Bennett


By Curtis Bennett


Letter dated: September 14, 2010; May 1, 2012 posting date on Source

September 14, 2010

Health Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0K9

Att: Health Minister

cc: Environment Commissioner, MP Ron Cannan & Provincial Premiers &
Simcoe County Safe School Committee

Re: Urgent Information on Wi Fi Safety in Schools

To whom it may concern:

There has been critical information missing in the discussion on Wi Fi safety and the
Wireless Industry can validate that information once it is clarified here.

My opinion isn't a personal one, I am a provincially and nationally qualified electrical
energy provider. I have another separate engineering education, consult for a multitude
of industry and lecture medical academia in the US as well as Canada where physicians
get education credits they need for licensing. DFO has used our work for their standards and we were cleared to consult the Defence Ministry on security issues after 9/11.

The parents of the children in schools have every right to be concerned about the
exposure to Wi Fi and the issue is an urgency regarding their present health as well as
what will happen long term.

The real conflict between humans and Wi Fi is you have the interaction of different
electrical systems. These children and the adults in the schools are very precise as well
as intricate electrical systems that run off 7.8 Hz & 40 to 100 mV. The Wi Fi installation is a 2.4 Ghz to 5 Ghz frequency which means 2.4 or 5 billion Hz. The frequency conflicts
are producing severe electrical problems that would crash the electrical systems of the
world if we tried this in industry. Eddy currents, electromagnetic induction and their
bodies polarizing up to 10 billion times a second is causing a heat effect while doing
untold damage to these growing electrical units called children. Call energy providers
and tell them you want to put a conflicting frequency on their electrical grid. The
response would be immediate.

The Wi Fi and electrical industry uses coaxial cables or other protection to avoid emf
interference or they wouldn't be on the air. There isn't a coaxial protection for the
children's electrical systems which is every cell in their body.

When you have 30 children in one room, each of them has different DNA, hydration,
toxicity, nutrition, lifestyle, etc. with the point being every one of them is a different
electrical device in the Wi Fi application. The Wi Fi is interacting with each of them
differently and as it goes through walls, it is going through these children, adults as well as pregnant moms.
I have designed, install and love technology advancements, we need to do them
responsibly to achieve sustainability. This problem can be addressed by hardwiring the
computers in schools as there aren't any of our children that will be safe regardless of
their parent's status or wealth.

The only upside is the heat effect as the wireless installation will heat up every part of
the school's construction material unless it is reflected so while we effectively nuke our
children, we can save on energy costs heating the classrooms.

This is electrical information taught in curriculum of the country, the wireless industry,
universities, etc can calculate and show what the interferences can do as well as the
resultant frequency from the electrical frequency interaction.

The reason I copied this to the Environment Commissioner is because the Sustainability
Act is very straightforward that we won't do today what will impact future generations.

Outside the schools there are further environmental ramifications. The earth has a
magnetic field which all life uses to develop their own electromagnetism needs.
Pollinators which are responsible for food sources use the earth's magnetic field for
navigation. Bombarding our atmosphere with high speed frequencies is affecting
ecosystems and all of the biology in it.

Technological advancements are important but we need to do that properly and it can be achieved without the compromises. The costs may seem higher initially, the costs of not doing it will be extreme.

As the world's foremost authority in infrared imaging applications, last month our medical team reached the plateau of educating medical education to give doctors sight of the early detection of breast cancer in Canada as well as the US. Media has contacted me on whether we could produce information showing the effects of Wi Fi on children as well as the buildings in the infrared spectrum. We informed them it could be seen in the infrared spectrum and a time-lapsed infrared could be produced to see physiological changes.

Please contact the writer if you have any questions and I look forward to a qualified
electrical response to the important issue. Every day that goes by is a real compromise
for the children.


Curtis Bennett
Thermografix Consulting Corporation
“Bringing the Invisible to Light”
Health Minister on Wi-Fi Re: Urgent Information on Wi Fi Safety in Schools, p 1
Health Minister on Wi-Fi Re: Urgent Information on Wi Fi Safety in Schools. p 2
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 Former Professor Curtis Bennett


Health Minister on Wi-FiRe: Urgent Information on Wi Fi Safety in Schoolsby Adjunct Professor Curtis Bennett September 14, 2010

Posted by Dianne Knight on Thursday, 10 September 2015
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