Smoke Inhibits Fighting Forest Fires

Smoke Inhibits Fighting Forest Fires
July 22, 2014

by Adjunct Professor Curtis Bennett

A lightning strike started a forest fire that immediately created problems for fire fighters. Terrain and smoke inhibited the ability to fight the fires.

How are fire behaviour specialists going to analyze a fire they can not see? One of the very basic applications in training fire departments 25 years ago is to allow those professionals to see through smoke. Resources can be maximized, investigations have sight through smoke, rekindles can be seen, lives saved, damage minimized, forests saved and less damage environmentally which includes all life.

Provincial Forestry Department and Fire Departments reporting smoke prohibiting fire fighting. As the Category 5 forest fire was approaching housing development awaiting evacuation, here is what was seen through smoke as the fire moved 300 feet per minute.

 Forest Fire Interfaces with Kelowna

The video directly below shows thermal radiation images from initial lightning strike to interface with the city.

BC 2003 Forest Fire Public Inquiry Edited!!

The above information was edited from a public fire inquiry because it embarrassed the ruling government. The Premier’s Office told us directly that this public inquiry was based on audio and wasn’t accepting pictures or images. Due to the fact they lost the audio feed during our presentation for the public inquiry, the decision was made to delete our contribution as well as the presentation.

The unfortunate result is being felt today with forest fires out of control and resources effectively blind when they could track the direction of the fire through the smoke giving immediate sight to first response.

For those under evacuation orders, be prepared to follow instruction. Here is a time-lapsed thermal radiation video showing a forest fire building through the smoke. Look at the embers flying miles in front of the fire starting other fires.

Terrace Mountain Forest Fire Growth August 1, 2009

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