Significant Oversight (Error or Omission) Reported in Safety Code 6 (2009)

 if it was done in a military application the planes would be in the air

Electromagnetically inducing populations is dangerous and if it was done in a military application the planes would be in the air.

~ Curtis Bennett


by Curtis Bennett

March 8, 2011
Health Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0K9

Att: Health Minister

cc: Environment Commissioner, MP Ron Cannan, Health Canada, Standing Committee on Health, Provinces, School Districts, Teacher's, Unions & Parent Advisory

Re: Significant Oversight(Error or Omission) Reported in Safety Code 6 (2009)

Dear Minister Aglukkaq;

There was an oversight(unintentional error or omission) reported in safety standards associated with Radio Frequency Emfs interaction with humans. The oversight in safety standards was reported to Health Canada in September, 2010 and by expert witness to Canadian Parliament's Standing Committee on Health in October 2010. The recommendations of the committee in December 2010 included Health Canada thoroughly investigating the error or omission reported in safety standards. That error is the causation Health Canada is looking for in whether EMF interaction with tissue is happening. The error or omission qualifies electromagnetic induction, radiation, etc is going to happen.

Due to the error in safety standards, the reporting Health Canada would normally get has changed because it is missing critical data. Professional reporting to date including the BC Centre of Disease Control and recent reporting for Simcoe School District on Wi Fi Safety have missed critical data when all of their data refers to heating of the appliance but totally neglects to mention human vulnerability to EMFs, electromagnetic induction, high speed radiation or mention the natural frequencies of the biologic systems. It is impossible to solve a frequency equation when you leave out frequencies of the biologic systems. We generate electricity by waving a conductor through a magnetic field or moving the field around the conductor. In Schools, the Wi Fi 2.4 or 5 Ghz frequency is the moving magnetic field and EACH person's biologic systems are the electrical conductors.

Further complicating the adverse health effects is that each child already has their own electrical systems that are vulnerable to electrical change with EMFs induced. (If you changed your voltage on your computer, it wouldn't work.) Health Canada calls it nerve and muscle depolarization or a heat effect which is the reason it is to be avoided. Any tissue or biologic systems interacting with the EMFs will polarize at twice the frequency(4.8 to 10 Billion Times Per Second). This isn't discussing what the computer is doing. Any present day reporting from Health Canada on EMFs has to incorporate the electrical considerations without exception or it will be flawed science which affects health, medical costs, administration, sustainability, legality and liability.

As an example of the errors in the reporting on the dangers of EMFs, there is a report attached from the BC Centre of Disease Control. The Head of Radiation Protection Services wrote a report on Wi Fi Safety and his reporting neglected to incorporate critical electrical information on electromagnetic induction. His reporting didn't incorporate the electrical profession into an electrical problem and he isn't qualified which impacts the reporting. As a result of the flawed reporting the school district is told Wi Fi is safe where the reality is Wi Fi is to be avoided. The children, teachers, etc are being electromagnetically induced and Health Canada's Safety Code 6 states the unintentional stimulation of tissue is to be avoided because experimental studies show it can lead to nerve and muscle depolarization or heat effect.

It has been 3 months since it was recommended that Health Canada investigate the significant oversight reported in safety standards. All it would take is a call to electrical standards to qualify induction happens and it is the way we create electricity. Health Canada and Industry Canada are presently reporting Wi Fi is safe in schools but not declaring the error or omission was reported showing it isn't safe in schools. That is an administrative decision at the cost of student and teacher health.

It requires a response as to why provinces haven't been informed there is an error or omission in safety standards reported? How are the school districts supposed to administer their areas with missing information? The laws have changed with the error reported and Wi Fi or any influence by EMFs is to be avoided.

There is a reason the electrical and construction industry do their jobs with those
associated costs. It keeps people and the data safe. Schools need to be wired without exception or any EMF can impact people.

Electromagnetically inducing populations is dangerous and if it was done in a military application the planes would be in the air. This somehow escaped us as not causing the unintentional stimulation of tissue or a mysterious heat effect.

Our reporting to you as the authority has been because we are government trained and certified professionals that consult at operations levels. We lecture emf interaction in medical education for education credits required for licensing in Canada and the U.S.

Can you please forward the work completed to date on the reported error in safety standards and when you will report the error to provinces? Has the Defence Minister been informed of an error in safety standards reported? Did the Health Minister report the error to the United States or WHO?

This issue requires immediate attention as is a national emergency and we look forward to answering questions within our professional capacity.


Curtis Bennett
Thermografix Consulting Corporation
Significant Oversight (Error or Omission) Reported in Safety Code 6 (2009), p1
Significant Oversight (Error or Omission) Reported in Safety Code 6 (2009), p2
Page 9, paragraph 3 & 4 states "... the predominant health effect to be avoided is the unintentional stimulation of tissues, as is the heat effect". Intentional stimulation of tissue is an X-ray or medical imaging in a controlled environment; an intended position of use with other parts of your body protected from frequency exposure with protective clothing. 
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Former Professor Curtis Bennett

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