Critically Important Science Advancements Allow Sight of Temperature Using
Non Invasive Radiology

Acute Pancreatitis

By Curtis Bennett


June 16, 2024

From: Curtis Bennett <>
Date: Sun, Jun 16, 2024 at 9:05 AM
Subject: Critically Important Science Advancements Allow Sight of Temperature Using Non Invasive Radiology
To: <>

I am emailing this to the media department so you can better direct me as well as hold me accountable. I want to thank your team for their critically important jobs and share with them important advancements in science that were kept from you and your globally important agenda. Planet Earth has one atmosphere we all share and the importance of not imposing on it can not be overstated.

I am a former professor in an accredited medical education program and have a quadruple science background. I was tagged to look at the cause of man-made global warming. Temperature is always trying to reach thermal equilibrium, hot always transfers to cold. Warming the atmosphere changes the climate globally which is dangerous. Temperature is a critical consideration with any science. What does global academia have in common when it comes to temperature discussion? They are all blind to temperature, it couldn't be seen until it was red hot.

Wireless radiation for wireless communications as applied is doing the exact opposite of your objectives. FortisBC as one example admitted in legal proceedings of the British Columbia Utilities Commission(BCUC) under direct cross examination by myself they would encapsulate 17,000 sq. km with highly penetrating electromagnetic fields(emfs). That in itself isn't legally definable as sustainable.

What do all sciences and global academia have in common discussing temperatures associated with climate change? They are all blind to temperature. Temperature is measured, it could not be seen. I have electrical credentials (Interprovincial Red Seal) recognised across Canada for the utilisation of all electricity. I have a Building Engineering background related to construction from contracts to completion. I am a Thermal Radiation consultant which is the natural frequencies and vibrations of all matter above Absolute Zero. Temperature for us starts at  -273 deg. C.

My 45 year background has included troubleshooting for industries across the board isolating electrical, mechanical, refractory or other failures before they happen. Shutdowns were based on our reporting. 

August 21, 2003 after being told to stand down, I initiated one of the largest evacuations in Canadian history when a forest fire interfaced with Kelowna, BC. Fifteen thousand were evacuated and another fifteen thousand on August 22, 2003. I trained fire departments to give them unobstructed sight through smoke where otherwise they were blind. I presented for the Filmon Fire Inquiry and got a call from a reporter that I was edited out of the fire inquiry. The inquiry embarrassed Premier Gordon Campbell and his office specifically deleted me from the inquiry. They stated when I was presenting the audio came unplugged so a decision by the premier was to edit me out of the inquiry entirely. That denied the world including your important team advances in science where temperature could be seen using non invasive radiology. 

Air conditioning is in fact refrigeration wasting 1000s of watts per hour per building. I led a team imaging buildings in 7 provinces and 21 states specific to solar radiation. In building design we used regional climatic data as design criteria. Regional Climatic Data warns of solar radiation impact being more important than Regional Climatic Data is used. It was shocking to image building exteriors close to boiling temperature and refrigeration used as a coolant. Some building exteriors were over 90 degrees C, 100 degrees C is boiling temperature. Developments grossly exceeding design temperature with solar exposure. That heat rises atmospherically changing weather.

With injury or infection there is an inflammatory response that can now be seen using non invasive radiology. Physiological changes with treatment or progression of disease can be seen.

We were retained by a hydrologist to image a river to see if we could isolate Groundwater which is considered nature's hidden treasure. From a helicopter we were within 1/10 of a deg. C. imaging groundwater.

Giving unobstructed sight through smoke allows targeting the fire instead of fighting it blind. All of this has been lectured in accredited medical education programs but undermined by politics and special interest. This email does not justify the unprecedented work done over 45 years to see temperature.

While I can't thank you enough for your work, I can't apologize enough for the corruption and collusion undermining your work. Damage by wireless radiation is measurable by the second.

Looking forward to answering any questions or challenges.


Former Professor Curtis Bennett

Former Chief, International Science Advisory Board for IHF(14,301 members) 
Former Adjunct Professor for Accredited Medical Education For CME Credits 
Thermal Radiation Consultant for 45 Years 
Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal)
Building Construction Engineering Technologist 
Ph: 250-860-5707 ext 333
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