Specific Absorption Rate Test
Specific Absorption Rate Test

Specific Absorption Rate Test Used for
RF EMF Exposure Not Applicable to
Building Codes

February 25, 2014
It was during the FortisBC application for wireless smart meters and cross examination of the utility’s experts that we found out why our authorities having jurisdiction were not responding in their required capacity. FortisBC lawyers confirmed the BC Legislature entrusted BC Hydro to install smart meters. That allowed them to bypass all regulatory process including the BC Utilities Commission.

Unfortunately in order for wireless smart meters to work, they need a wireless network to complete the wireless circuits. That requires blanket radiation of coverage areas and the danger is human exposure tests didn’t include the grid or the biological vulnerability. BC Hydro as one example didn’t consult with education, all applicable sciences, architects, engineers, building trades, insurers or even municipalities as to what blanket radiation of high speed penetrating frequencies would do to their jurisdiction.

Building development is financed, mortgaged and insured based on building code compliance. All trades do their jobs within applicable codes and any conflicts are resolved through due process. Rulings are made by applicable professionals or governments so at the end of the day, compliance with codes are met.

BC Hydro was given special consideration by the government and didn’t have to go through the BCUC. FortisBC is the smaller utility in the province and they had to go through the BCUC.

Prior to the oral hearings, interveners asked questions of the utility and the utility asked questions of the interveners. When it came to cost of wired versus wireless smart meters, blanket radiation seems cheaper and easier except there are reasons we wire the world.  Here are questions to the utility on costs of wired meters versus wireless and the link is the BCUC website

FortisBC didn’t answer the questions saying it was outside the scope and the BCUC allowed it. Here are the answers to the questions which starts on page 41.

FortisBC experts under cross examination took exception to me saying they would blanket 17,000 sq. kms and hurt people. Engineer Mark Warren then confirmed their coverage area was 17,000 sq. kms and that they would cover the 17,000 sq. kms with RF EMFs to communicate with wireless meters. 

Here is the science being used around the world to substantiate limits of human exposure as well as bypassing municipal jurisdictions.
Specific Absorption Rate Test
Specific Absorption Rate Test
As you can see above, this test is seriously flawed and exposure codes admit missing causation linking frequencies to adverse health effects. Can you see why? The plastic head never gets sick and has no biology, exposure was based on heating water molecules in a microwave.

Engineer Mark Warren of FortisBC was asked under cross-examination if they contacted engineers about buildings. He answered no and the result is Kelowna, Osoyoss, Castlegar, Trail and other jurisdictions were not consulted or informed in any capacity. Part 4 of BC Building Code is specific to environmental loading and vibrations. The RF EMFs will go through walls and roofs electromagnetically inducing the building as well as cause high speed vibrations 1.8 to 4.8 billion times per measurable second. Accelerated corrosion is the reality and it undermines architects, engineers, trades, insurers, fire services, home owners as well as the municipality. When the buildings or infrastructure reach a point that engineers deem it not to be safe, there will be no occupancy and there will be no real estate sales.

The same is applicable in every province, state and country. Exposure codes related to human exposure can not be used for building and ecosystem exposure. The grid is illegal as applied and on top of civil liability there will be criminal liability. Opt outs will not work, there is a blanket coverage.

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Adjunct Professor Curtis Bennett

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