Jody Watkins's Return To Healthy Home - SAFE HAVEN

A microwave tower, stationed 300 meters from my home has caused me to be homeless.

I suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS). The radiation from the tower effects every part of my body causing unrelenting pain and suffering.

The only option I have is to raise money to purchase non-radiated land, to relocate.

Please help me establish a healthy home.

Above is a photo of the tower from my home.

I would like to explain what my disability means. I have been diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). This condition means I have impaired immune, detoxification and antioxidant pathways. This requires that I avoid many every day volatile Chemical/toxic exposures including formaldehyde/ petroleum based products such as those found in glues, particle board, carpets, plastics, fire retardants, pest control, cleaning and body care products, cosmetics, perfumes, and exhaust fumes. I am also sensitive to mould, heavy metals and Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR).

It has become recognised I have a profound sensitivity to Microwave Radiation. I have never been able to use a mobile phone, tolerate Wi-Fi and more recently I started being effected by all the many fixed wireless towers becoming active throughout Southern Tasmania as they emit microwave radiation. Increased wireless technologies emissions have resulted in many environments becoming intolerable to me and create a huge impact on my life.

Being exposed to these many sources result in disruption and breakdown to the immune, hormonal and nervous systems with extreme loss of wellbeing and Chronic Fatigue.

The treatment is to avoid the Chemical/toxic exposures that cause the symptoms. I created an environment where i was able to feel well - a safe haven. This is after enduring fifteen years of hard work dedicated to sourcing and air drying local forest timbers, researching and investigating the least toxic select materials. Putting everything I had into painstakingly building a personally hand crafted low toxic, healthy home for the condition of MCS. On irreplaceable land in the states south with pristine air quality.

This is my healthy home.

Unfortunately, due to the installation of a fixed wireless microwave tower next to my home, I now find myself fighting for my basic survival. I have been forced from my healthy home and reduced to camping out in a tent. I have lost all basic dignities like bathing and kitchen amenities, unable to wash due to limited water and preparing meals takes all my energy. My tent often blows down and floods. With loss of a land line phone I am cut off from the world. These conditions have created a loss of social and basic human connection. My life has been taken from me and all that I know has diminished.  

Forced from my healthy home to a tent.

Forced to flee my safe haven, healthy home, I set about searching for land. I was unable to find any suitable land out of the emissions. Until in early 2016, when I discovered a remote parcel of land strategically placed tucked within hills, in a valley out of the fixed wireless emissions with the appropriate buffers from wireless traffic. I set up camp on this land which has now been tested and deemed a safe alternative. Whilst giving me a chance to recover and stabilise my health where I can become free of pain. It is now clear that my only hope is to better establish my living conditions on this land with the outlook to purchase this property and relocate my purpose built home, my safe haven.

The stay on this land has meant my whole body systems have the opportunity to rejuvenate the agonising clamp like pressure releases from my head; muscle stiffness, weakness and pain disappear. I am able to concentrate and focus, I can think in clarity of thought, my coordination improves and fatigue reduces. My appetite returns to normal which in turn assist to regulate sleep patterns.

This land has now been assessed and deemed a safe alternative refuge for my health needs, where I can be free of symptoms; free of MCS and EMR exposures. This parcel of remote land is promoting healing and saving my life.

This is why I am now reaching out for your support to help me purchase this parcel of land. By donating to this fund I can relocate my purpose built healthy home, save my health and bring enormous relief and wellbeing to my life.

Remaining on this new parcel of land is the only way I know to survive.
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