Curtis Bennett comment: "New free Wi-Fi service at city facilities will be free of pop-up ads, supplier says"

Friday, February 7, 2014


February 8, 2014 at 2:21am Eastern Time

Curtis Bennett:
It is critically important the contract be stopped immediately. Free Wi-Fi in that long list of public areas is effectively electrocuting those people including children as well as the buildings. Bathing areas with high speed electromagnetic fields is is very very dangerous separately of the buildings and infrastructure facing accelerated corrosion and non compliance with building codes.

There are particular reasons we wire the world and use insulated conductors where EMFs cancel each other out. When you use blanket coverage of areas with wireless, everything in the coverage area is in the electrical circuit. The Specific Absorption Rate test used for limits of human exposure is a plastic head with water in it. The only reason it is reported Wi-Fi or smart meters are safe is because the plastic head with water never gets affected health wise. It doesn't have a brain, organ, nerve, frequency or voltage. Here is one example showing the ridiculous science of the specific absorption rate and what wireless radiation looks like.

Ottawa better understand engineers were not informed nor did they sign off on the radiation of buildings. It will cause accelerated corrosion and cause buildings as well as fire separations to be compromised. Buildings are designed for their natural loads and vibrations; wi-fi frequencies going through walls will cause molecular earthquakes by high speed polarization 4.8 billion times per second. Is the contractor picking up liability and when engineers fail the buildings, there will be no occupancy.

This was reported to municipal, provincial and federal authorities as well as presented for Canadian Parliament. Harper's administration didn't pass that on to Ottawa's building inspection department. Has the contractor or Ottawa told people with pacemakers to stay away from these places or their pacemakers will be electromagnetically induced.

February 8, 2014 at 2:34am Eastern Time

Derek Ward:
"Effectively electrocuting people"??? Good grief what utter nonsense. Are you really an electrician? Has an engineer ever failed a building for being electrocuted? How do you think up this stuff?

February 9, 2014 at 9:11am Eastern Time

Dianne Knight: Excess mortality and accelerated corrosion from wireless radiation is documented.

February 9, 2014 at 9:12am Eastern Time

Dianne Knight:
Prof. Olle Johansson on WiFi - "Irreversible sterility within five generations"

February 9, 2014 at 9:19am Eastern Time

Dianne Knight:
Barrie Trower, a British physicist, who was a microwave weapons expert and who worked for the Royal Navy and the British Secret Service, was in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on August 24, 2010, to speak about the health effects of WiFi and other forms of microwave radiation at the University of Toronto. Barrie Trower debriefed spies who used stealth microwave weapons. He believes WiFi in schools and other forms of microwave radiation is dangerous and he told us why. Mr. Trower came out of retirement because he was concerned that the microwave frequencies and intensities to which children are exposed in schools are similar to those used for microwave weapons.

February 9, 2014

Curtis Bennett:
Derek Ward - I appreciate the job you do walking people's pets so I will keep this simple so you can get it verified by any electrical professional. That way you can understand the dangers to the pets you walk. That is the reason we wire the world and keep people out of a circuit.

Utilities generate electricity with an electromagnetic field and a conductor. In this application in the article, the Wi-Fi is the electromagnetic field and the people are the conductors. The Specific Absorption Rate test is a plastic head with liquid in it and a temperature probe because they thought they were heating water molecules. 

Derek, you can appreciate that the pets you walk have organs, nerves, brains, brain waves, frequencies, voltages, etc? The plastic head BC Hydro and other utilities are using doesn't get sick or have adverse health effects because there is nothing in the test that has biological information.

When it comes to buildings, we design buildings for their environmental load. An MRI Chamber as an example is designed and built so EMI and RF EMFs don't affect the MRI, other buildings are not protected. When you have the frequencies hitting the buildings in this coverage area, they will electromagnetically induce the building or be reflected depending on material. Separate of that frequencies polarize twice per cycle so the Wi-Fi EMFs are expanding and collapsing inside the walls 4.8 billion times per measurable second. That causes molecular earthquakes and there will be accelerated corrosion. 

Engineers are insured for errors and omissions so they would not allow for this but BC Hydro as an example in your area was "entrusted" by the BC Legislature to install the meters. Bypassing all regulatory process means no sciences, municipalities, engineers, architects, insurers, medicine, medical education, universities, biologists, insurers, etc were never informed or consulted. 

FortisBC admitted under cross examination by me that they will bathe 17,000 sq. kms with these frequencies to communicate with meters. That puts everything in 17,000 sq. kms plus overlap in the wireless circuit. 

The dangers of the frequencies is now lectured in medical education for education credits doctors and other professionals require for ongoing medical licensing. Ask your doctor what the significance of that means as it may relate to your own health.

I am a government certified electrical professional and a separate education in building engineering. That is one of the reasons we consult for all engineering disciplines as all of this pertains to codes and laws. In this Wi-Fi application, the city's inspection department didn't sign off on this, they were not told. It isn't insurable and insurers weren't told either. 

Here is a link to Safety Code 6, go to page 9 second paragraph and you can read that cause is missing as is biological plausibility. They left out the grid which is cause and they left out bio information.

February 10, 2014

Derek Ward:
Dianne Knight - This is a great reputable scientific website to cite. Maybe you could advertise your cureall magnetic soles here. People that believe this site would be great customers for your phoney product.

February 10, 2014

Derek Ward:
Dianne Knight - Ollie Johansson, the professor who has lost his laboratory at Karoli university and is ridiculed by other Swedish scientists?

February 10, 2014

Derek Ward:
Curtis Bennett - more nonsense. What does me walking pets in my retirement have to do with anything? You think because I walk pets I am too stupid to understand anything? In actual fact I am a retired manager of telecommunications and know enough to know that nothing you say is true. Only in your dreams did Fortis admit any such thing, no matter how many times you repeat it. You lecturing in medical education is a joke. If you are really a working electrician, I would be very concerned about the safety of the citizens of Kelowna. I have a friend who is real electrician in Kelowna and he has never heard of you. I have asked certified electrical professionals about your claims and they laughed at you. Reread the BCUC Fortis AMI decision and see what they had to say about you and your nonsense.

February 10, 2014

Curtis Bennett:
Derek Ward - Do you really have a background in telecommunications yet sit here and ridicule magnetism? As a RF manager, what would happen if you took magnetism out of the equation for RF EMFs? It wouldn't exist. As a manager did you dismiss all sciences? Did you do any homework to see the physicist that designed those technologies has helped millions around the world and in double blind studies increased nerve conduction an average of 75% without hydration consideration? Did you know that in other double blind studies, regrew nerve fibre? Can your background grasp the significance of that or the fact those technologies are lectured in medical education for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing in North America? Did you ask your doctor the significance of that accreditation or you are again using your communication's background to dismiss medicine? What kind of professional dismisses magnetism as all magnetic fields are not created equal. Following this post of yours, you dismiss Olle Johansson? Where did you get the qualifications for that? I hear you are having health challenges of your own, get a pair of the insoles, drink enough water, eat properly and stop the anger because that causes other health challenges.

February 10, 2014

Curtis Bennett:
Derek Ward - You are a retired manager of telecommunications? That explains your unqualified rants dismissing everyone and all sciences. Instead of manning up, you have to carry on with garbage science and I have zero respect for any professional that sells out. Have you seen the science your industry used and is using to substantiate exposure safety? It is a plastic head with water in it and has no biological information. The ship has left the dock and your industry NEVER should have moved forward with a technology admitting causation was missing as was biological plausibility. The plastic head never gets sick. You use a statement you know enough? That isn't acceptable electrical language and we wouldn't have jobs if we even spoke like that. You know an electrician in Kelowna that hasn't heard of me, who cares. I am one of millions of electricians and keep in mind the telecomm industry didn't tell anyone about the blanket coverage. Who powered the towers you use, was it electricians or did you do that too? Would you bet money on what FortisBC admitted under cross examination? Then would you believe the transcripts of the BCUC as proof? Step up and the money can be donated to people with feet and health problems requiring an advanced magnetic design. You should contact medical education administration and inquire about the medical education program. About your friends and you that you speak of? I haven't heard from any of them, why is that. Don't think the FortisBC application or BC Hydro wireless decisions won't be reversed. You can't put people in a circuit and electrocute them. Have you ever stripped down and stood in front of some of the gear you installed as a RF professional? Is that allowed? Don't give me the scientific garbage about power density dropping off, the frequencies don't. Now that I know you are a telecom manager retired or otherwise, shame on you for your continued deceptions. You should know better and people are being hurt and killed while you rant to protect an industry that will be liable. This was reported to your industry and utilities to warn you of the liability the same way we work for other industry and their insurers.

February 10, 2014

Derek Ward: Curtis Bennett I was the manager of telecommunications for ICBC. I was a customer not part of the industry. I have read the transcripts from the BCUC Fortis AMI hearing (and listened to your "cross examination" live). Fortis did NOT agree with your silly assertions. Also, the BCUC totally dismissed all your assertions in their final decision. If you actually ever taught at those sketchy "medical institutions" you brag about, did all of your students ask for their money back? You supposed believing in those magic magnetic insoles is typical. You promote these soles on Dianne's website, do you get a percentage? I would love to see the source of your bogus double blind study - there link doesn't work on Dianne's website. I notice your claims are couched very carefully so Health Canada won't shut you down. The laws need to be changed so they can shut down products like this anyways, like they did with the bogus thermography mammogram machines.

Curtis Bennett: Derek Ward - The more you open your mouth, you just change feet. Does the telecom or wireless industry build a wireless circuit to send and receive data? In these applications of blanket coverage it puts people in an electrical circuit. Just because it is a wireless circuit, it is still a circuit. It can be technically qualified that people are being electrocuted.

Did you use any co-axial cable with RF equipment at ICBC? Is that used to protect the signal from interference from EMI or RF EMFs? The delicate signal called biology and humans aren't shielded so the frequencies are affecting their signals.

If you listened to the cross examination, of course FortisBC "experts" didn't agree with me. Their accountant Tom Loski and Engineer Mark Warren called what I presented as a hypothesis. You should appreciate that accountants aren't qualified in an electrical or engineering opinion.

Mark Warren works for a utility generating electricity with electromagnetic induction and that is specific to my national credentials as an electrical professional. My response to Warren was "do you hypothetically generate electricity?" Can you image an engineer working for a utility calling electromagnetic induction a hypothesis? Did you hear Warren take offense to me saying they would irradiate 17,000 sq. kms and then admit they will cover that 17,000 sq. kms to communicate with the wireless meters. Did you hear their medical "expert" Dr. William Bailey admit their report on risk for Fortis left out all the bio electrical information associated with humans? You can't leave millions of frequencies out of an electrical equation and there are no exceptions.

Did you hear Electrical Engineer Yakov Scholnikov answer my question on 2 frequencies interacting producing 4 resultant frequencies? Did you hear him admit the SAR is a dosage of radiation and based on water molecules heating and at the same time admitted to the high speed oscillations billions of times a second? Did you hear Scholnikov admit that 900 MHz isn't compatible with humans but because nothing in the body works at those frequencies, your body doesn't get affected? That is ridiculous.

The BCUC and FortisBC dismissed Jerry Flynn as a military professional specific to the frequencies? We should put the BCUC, FortisBC and their lawyers on the front lines.

Did you know FortisBC chose not to cross examine me or Jerry? I didn't expect the FortisBC application to fail because they would have to reverse BC Hydro's as well and the government allowed them to bypass regulatory process. There will be investigations and appeals because the BCUC didn't technically disqualify us, they dismissed us.

I am glad you asked about he insoles because I didn't believe the physicist either because all magnetic fields are not created equal. We did an extensive investigation for years before speaking about it. The significance and savings associated with those technologies is a reality. I do lecture that in medical education for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. We don't lecture students, we lecture doctors, nurses, dentists, etc and the course material has to be submitted for approval. I promote health and work in clinical environments for particular reasons. We don't take kick backs and have to declare any conflicts of interest. If we did we wouldn't consult for industry and their insurers at the same time.

I don't watch any language around Health Canada, those technologies are a compliment to medical objectives and would be a medical device if explained properly.

In regards to thermography, I met with Health Canada in Vancouver to explain why the infrared industry imaged people for flu symptoms after the SARS virus but couldn't produce one image of a flu. Between 2003 and 2009 for H1N1 100s of millions of people were imaged at ports of entry but there wasn't one image of a flu. I showed Health Canada medical professionals an image of a flu and explained how the imaging application exceeded their expertise.

We don't diagnose or overstep our area of expertise and I would welcome Health Canada or others challenging us as did international medical education. They challenged us for years but the science spoke for itself.

The world's academia is blind to temperature and we employ the most advanced infrared applications without exception. It took years and millions of dollars to get to lecture medical education. The last program was recognized by State Boards of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing plus more. It takes more than infrared technology to achieve success so don't blame it on the machine. I am sure you can appreciate state boards don't recognize sketchy institutes and would shut them down.

We could even help you with those health challenges you are having. I am closer than you think and Hornby is a beautiful place. I am finished discussing this with you here, you can get your health professionals to take the medical education program.

February 10, 2014

Derek Ward: Curtis Bennett - Wow, you have exceeded my lowest expectations - LMAO at all this nonsense, especially your belief and promotion of the phoney magnetic insoles.

Curtis Bennett: Derek Ward - I don't believe you are laughing at all. You can contact me outside this forum where we can assist you with your health challenges. We would work with your medical professionals and they can better explain to you what CME credits mean to them. As FortisBC lawyers said in their questions to disqualify me. "Have I work in clinical environments?" The answer is yes but our work isn't about me, we have an amazing team where the integrity of science is never compromised. MP Terence Young in Ontario's staff used to work for Bell and they told me that people on the testing floor got cancers while pregnant women had babies with Spina Bifida. What was your wireless exposure at ICBC? It is Health Canada's Safety Code 6 that says it can lead to nerve and muscle depolarization.

Dianne Knight: Derek Ward and All Readers - Curtis Bennett has exceeded my highest expectations, far more than anyone else I have ever met who is working to reinstate our human right to be free of non-ionizing radio frequency microwave radiation perpetrated on us without informed consent of every being. Very slowly over the last three years, he has restored my confidence in Humanity having compassion for all life and inanimate forms on the planet. I am especially wishing that his tireless work soon ends the torment by wireless signals for those who are the most vulnerable, including those who are not even aware of the danger. Curtis Bennett works according to the Law of Love, the Laws of Physics and upholding the Law of the Reported Error or Omission in Health Canada Safety Code Six. It is a privilege to witness and honour all he is doing.

New free Wi-Fi service at city facilities will be free of pop-up ads, supplier says

Kalai Kalaichelvan

EION president and chief executive Kalai Kalaichelvan was expected to join Mayor Jim Watson and Councillors Tim Tierney and Mark Taylor at Friday’s announcement of a contract to place free wireless Internet access in 25 public facilities across Ottawa. Photograph by: Pat McGrath, Ottawa Citizen

OTTAWA — The city’s new deal to offer free Wi-Fi at public pools and skating rinks also includes a marketing campaign designed to transform such facilities into popular gathering spots.

EION Inc. reached a deal with the city that will bring Internet services to visitors of recreation centres, and city hall, at no cost, but the five-year agreement is much more than just a free way to access the web.

Company president and chief executive Kalai Kalaichelvan says he wants to transform common areas in the recreation centres into something more akin to coffee shops. The way he sees it, comfortable seating areas, free Wi-Fi and televisions will be a draw for visitors. And when the people come, private investments will follow — or so he hopes.

To pay for it all, including an annual $64,000 payment to the city every year, EION’s subsidiary, IceNet — the group that won the bid — will set up billboard-style television screens displaying advertising spots.

“We have people lined up (to advertise) already,” Kalaichelvan said.

All in, city facilities attract an estimated six million to eight million visits a year, according to information provided to IceNet.

With so many people waiting for their children in these locations, the potential for marketing is huge, Kalaichelvan figures. Companies large and small can pay to have their brand exposed to millions of eyes every year.

The demographics makes it an easy sell to businesses, Kalaichelvan explained.

“There is a very specific demographic going in there,” he said. “They’re focused on health, recreation and sports.”

The screens can also televise popular sporting events that will draw even more crowds. As an example, city hall will soon have screens that will show broadcasts of the Sochi Olympics, according to Mayor Jim Watson who announced details of the IceNet agreement Friday.

Creating gathering spaces at the recreation centres could also lead to more revenue for the city if additional vendors want to invest as well, Kalaichelvan explained.

“Once you have the crowd in the hot spots, the vendors will want to come, too,” he said.

Whether the communal sharing becomes a reality or not, Ottawa residents have free Wi-Fi at their public facilities. And the advertising revenue from the big screens means no pop-up ads for visitors.

Coun. Tim Tierney called Friday’s announcement, at least from the perspective of information technology, a significant statement in terms of the city’s development.

“In other cities you’re starting to see this pop up and it was time for us to get on board,” he said. “Within three years we’ve come a long way. This is just an extra piece of the puzzle.”

The National Capital Commission already offers free wireless Internet access at sites such as Parliament Hill, the National War Memorial and Major’s Hill Park.

The full list of City of Ottawa facilities identified for the public Wi-Fi rollout:

• Ben Franklin Place/Centrepointe

• Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex

• ByWard Market Building

• François Dupuis Recreation Centre

• Minto Recreation Complex — Barrhaven

• Goulbourn Recreation Complex

• Greenboro Community Centre

• Heron Road Community Centre

• Hunt Club — Riverside Community Centre

• Jack Purcell Community Centre

• Jim Durrell Recreation Centre

• Kanata Leisure Centre

• Kanata Recreation Complex

• Nepean Sportsplex

• Ottawa City Hall

• Overbrook Community Centre

• Plant Recreation Centre

• Pinecrest Recreation Complex

• Ray Friel Recreation Complex

• Richcraft Recreation Complex

• Richelieu-Vanier Community Centre

• Ron Kolbus-Lakeside Gardens

• Splash Wave Pool

• St-Laurent Complex

• Walter Baker Sports Complex


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