WiFi Health Effects Presentations to
Portland Public Schools Board of Education

September 16, 2013

Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeritis of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, and Merry Callahan, health advocate,

(4:23 min.) Merry Callaghan: "...the American trial lawyers now stand behind  that wireless radiation health effects are equatable to the same disease and latency as that from nuclear radiation exposure..."

wireless radiation health effects are equatable

Transcript from Dr. Martin L. Pall:

I am Martin L. Pall. I am professor emeritus in biochemistry and basic medical sciences from Washington State University. I have been a Portland resident for the last five years and I have been working in the field of environmental medicine since about the year 2000. I have received seven major international honors for my work in that area and I gave a copy of those to one of the school board members. I'll be receiving an eight [award] by the end of next month in the US.

I am talking about the issue of lack of safety of EMF exposures. I published a paper on that a couple of months ago that's been a real paradigm-shifter. Let me just say that the situation before that paper was published, is that people have been assuming that the only thing that ElectroMagnetic Fields can do is to heat things, like heating things in your microwave oven. There was evidence before my paper was written — a lot of it. — [The evidence] is that [that assumption] is simply not true.

What EMFs do in our bodies is that they work on some channels in the plasma membranes of our cells called voltage-gated calcium channels. What they do is that they open up those channels, calcium flows into the cell and it's the excess calcium in the cell that leads to all the biological effects that are produced by EMFs.

So all of the assessments of safety which have been based on the assumption that the only thing that these fields can do is heat things are based on a falsehood. We know that now. The reason we know that is because you can block these EMF-effects with drugs that block those channels. Now those drugs have lots of side effects so they are difficult to use clinically, but they are very useful scientifically.

When you have this situation where excessive activity of these channels,[which] the EMFS produce, of course, you immediately ask, OK what kinds of diseases can be produced by excessive activity of those channels. So I have started looking at that issue the last two months. I just sent a paper off making a very strong argument that autism is one of them. Why is that?

Well, we know, first of all that autism incidences have been going up very rapidly, paralleling the exposures to EMFs. Everybody knows that and there is now evidence from some studies of a mutant called Timothy Syndrome [beep]. Sorry, are my three minutes up?

Let me just say that autism is one of them. A second one is type 2 diabetes, the third one is the kind of cardiovascular disease that has to do with the electrical control of the heart and the fourth we won't talk about.

Transcript from the second speaker, Merry Callaghan::

I am the author the constitutional argument in the Morrison v. Portland Public Schools. I am here to talk about legacy — mine and yours. My legacy charges me as a Hanford-nuclear-downwind survivor and as the daughter of a marine raider who volunteered to rescue victims in Nagasaki at ground zero. My legacy charges me with no less duty than the defense of another generation of innocents forcibly exposed to microwave radiation. You call it Wi-Fi. It's a cute marketing term.

But wireless microwave radiation cannot shed its radiation identity because that is what it is. While as a nuclear engineering student at Oregon State University, I learned what the American trial lawyers now stand behind -- that wireless radiation health effects are equatable to the same diseases as that from nuclear radiation exposure. In fact, this biggest trial lawyer association in the world, now called the American Association for Justice, [in September 2013], [threw] down the gauntlet to federal agencies and the wireless industry: [they said] that Big Telecomm and Wireless [litigation] will go the way of Big Tobacco, Asbestos and Lead Paint litigation.

Meanwhile, players like Cisco, Appple and AT&T promise any comers on school boards and local IT departments that they too can have a personal legacy-building path. Just walk with us, they say. That you, too, can have a share of wireless pork barrel kickbacks from Big Telecom's gaming of the US Department of Education's E-Programs. All you have to do is turn a blind eye, believe in the fable of harmlessness sold to you as a cost-benefit value-add sales pitch, fed to your MBA/IT guy, I call him the decider.

This decider for all of you, who not only has no bio-sciences [education], who has no health training, who professes, in deposition on [the Portland Public Schools] own record, that he doesn't even have a curiosity about the health effects of wireless radiation and, anyway, he doesn't believe in it. As if his confession were some sort of religion of more efficiency on your balance sheets.

So this is your legacy: like the Emperor who has no clothes, you will have stood on the sidelines in a fable while the Wireless Industry has paraded their naked untruths and misinformation, have trotted out their doubt about Wi-Fi health effects on children in schools. As if Wi-Fi is magic that floats through the air like butterflies. But Wi-Fi is not magic; and the Emperor has not clothes.

It took 27 years for my dad to die from Nagasaki, it took 35 years to figure out [the truth] about Hanford down-winders, and wi-fi radiation, predicted by those who know will follow [similar or shorter] latency periods in disease.

Your legacy will be on the wrong side of this science, on the wrong side of history and on the wrong side of even 60,000 pediatricians who have recently sent a letter to congress begging them to stop this exposure of children to a class 2B carcinogen, an agent with [the same classification] as DDT, Lead and gasoline fumes. No kid will escape this Russian roulette you are playing with their lives and their futures. So why did I come here today? To talk about Legacy in three minutes or less. My legacy will stand in history. I ask the question. Will yours?

(6:50 min)

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Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, and Merry Callahan, health advocate, present updated information on the health impacts from EMF radiation. 2013.

Comment: jacmunbong: "the man sitting behind the doctor is David Morrison. we have him to thank for initiating this debate by starting his lawsuit against portland public schools for harming his daughter with wifi. bless his strong heart for continuing this fight for all of our children's sake."

Pall, M. L. (2013), Electromagnetic fields act via activation of voltage-gated calcium channels to produce beneficial or adverse effects. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, 17: 958–965. doi: 10.1111/jcmm.12088

February 8, 2010

p 187



...David Morrison spoke to the dangers of wi-fi in schools.


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