Wi Fi, Cell Phones and Radio Frequencies Causing Nerve and Muscle Depolarization

Wi Fi, Cell Phones and Radio Frequencies Causing Nerve and Muscle Depolarization

It should be very alarming that there is a heat effect but because of the error or omission cause was missed they determined what is called an “acceptable” heat load for tissue. There should be zero heat effect because it is generated within the body.

~ Curtis Bennett

By Curtis Bennett


November 16, 2010

As a witness for the Standing Committee on Health related to electromagnetic frequency interaction with human exposure, here is the document sent to the committee after testimony for translation in both official languages. There has been an oversight regarding safety. Oversight means error or omission whether unintentional or due to carelessness.

This is a link to Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 which is the same standard for safety used around the world. You will see the oversight and omission because they never mention a frequency of humans or biologic tissue. You can’t solve a frequency equation and leave out a frequency. Here is a link to the Recommendations of The Standing Committee on Health related to EMF interaction with humans.

It should be very alarming that there is a heat effect but because of the error or omission cause was missed they determined what is called an “acceptable” heat load for tissue. There should be zero heat effect because it is generated within the body.

The original letter to the Standing Committee is below the line. Here is an additional link showing a University Study on Trees Being Affected By Wi Fi. Necrosis was reported which is the stage of dying.

Is the domino effect deforestation and exposing the surface of the planet to intense solar radiation? Will that affect fish, water and does radiating the atmosphere cause heat as atoms and molecules vibrate at high speeds?


November 9th, 2010

Health Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0K9
Att: Health Minister

cc: Environment Commissioner, MP Ron Cannan, Health Canada, Standing Committee on Health and Safe School Committee

Re: Scientific Evidence on Causality & Biologic Plausibility For Safety Code 6 (2009)

Dear Minister Aglukkaq;

I am following up my previous letter to the Minister’s Office on September 14th, 2010 because the Minister’s Office dismissed the oversight found in Safety Code 6 as well as the qualifications representing the oversight without required dialog.

As per the language used in Section 1 on Instruction in Safety Code 6, I want to first distinguish myself from some municipal and/or national guidelines that are based on socio-political considerations. I am a qualified professional reporting to the authority.

Health Canada can no longer use the language there isn’t scientific evidence supporting the dangers of Wi Fi or other radio frequencies exposure for humans. The oversight in Safety Code 6 was not comparing radio frequencies to the electrical frequencies of humans. The science substantiating the oversight is taught provincially and nationally by governments as electrical standards.

Safety Code 6 under Maximum Exposure states the health effects to be avoided are the unintentional stimulation of tissue at lower radio frequencies and the heat effect is to be avoided at higher frequencies. Safety Code 6 says experimental studies have shown induced currents or excitation caused nerve and muscle depolarization.

Safety Code 6 refers to the science missing on proving whether radio frequencies are the cause of adverse health effects. The oversight I refer to will allow Health Canada to know causality, biologic plausibility and reproducibility.

Children, adults and ecosystems are not furniture or objects in the discussion of radio frequency exposure. They are very precise electrical systems running at their natural frequencies except they are uninsulated from electromagnetic interference from radio frequencies.

The electromagnetic induction at lower frequencies will cause excitation of biologic tissue and higher frequencies will produce a heat effect. Both frequency ranges are causing nerve and muscle depolarization as described in Safety Code 6. The higher frequencies have a thermal effect because of higher levels of electromagnetic radiation.

Nerve and muscle depolarization substantiates the list of symptoms felt from head to toe by children as well as adults. Those not feeling the effects are not immune to emfs, we are all different DNA with many different considerations.

Prior to writing to the Minister as the chief administrator for Health Canada or being a witness for the Standing Health Committee on Health, I contacted Health Canada RF professionals and Industry Canada to qualify the oversight. They could not dispute the oversight and stated they didn’t know humans were electrical.

Due to the oversight, Safety Code 6 itself substantiates the immediate removal of Wi Fi from schools by stating excitation of tissue and the heat effect are to be avoided. Other radio frequencies interacting with human tissue are causing a complexity of adverse health effects as well as radiating unprotected ecosystems.

Electrical standards have dealt with this problem effectively in the past by hard wiring to protect health of people as well as the integrity of the electrical systems. Wi Fi as an example is installed for convenience, not because it is safe. Industry assumes there are cost savings to radiate entire areas because it is cheaper than paying qualified professionals to complete the required construction sustainably as required by law.

It isn’t definable as sustainable to radiate populations for industry convenience. It is disturbing to think of causing nerve and muscle depolarization of populations for convenience. Who is going to cover the health costs to humans as well as the costs to the environment that sustains all life?

Due to the oversight in Safety Code 6, the peer reviewed science has changed and the dangers of radio frequency interaction with humans will be lectured in medical education where physicians and other health professionals get education credits they need for licensing. The first medical education program is already scheduled for lectured in the United States in January, 2011. It is no longer opinion, it is now medical education.

Advanced infrared imaging lectured for education credits for medicine in Canada and the US will show horrifying physiological effects in before and after imaging of radio frequency interaction with humans.

In a military application, radiating populations would be an act of war, in this health application it is called the unintentional stimulation of excitable tissue or heat effect.

Now that the peer reviewed science is available, Health Canada, insurers, the legal community and environment community have the required science to address this through legal process.


Curtis Bennett
Thermografix Consulting Corporation

Former Professor Curtis Bennett

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