Response to FortisBC's Daily Courier Article Advanced Meters are Safe and Smart

Prof. Curtis Bennett: Jarl "J.T." Young, ...

... Who in MGLW, did not do their jobs?

Prof. Curtis Bennett: Jarl
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Curtis Bennett: "Jarl "J.T." Young, Who in MGLW, did not do their jobs?" Liberty in Action, WMQM, May 25, 2018

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Liberty in Action, WMQM 1600 AM

John Burwell and Donna Bohannon in the WMQM studio

May 20, 2018

GUESTS: Professor Curtis Bennett by telephone and John Burwell in studio

CITIZEN HOST: Donna Bohannon, Liberty In Action-Memphis
Donna Bohannon is a retired RN who worked pediatrics ICU

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Professor Curtis Bennett:  

Donna Bohannon, The fact that the previous President and Chief Executive Officer of your utility, Memphis Light, Gas and Water (MGLW), Jerry Collins Jr., [2] your current Vice President of Customer Care Christopher Bieber [3], Memphis City Council and Shelby County Commission didn't do their jobs has undermined the new President and CEO of MGLW, Jarl "J.T." Young, the utility, your city and county officials as well as constituents.
MLGW President and CEO J.T. Young [4]
The new President and CEO of your utility is an Electrical Engineer and has not been informed of the liability that Collins and others created. He doesn't know a plastic head or body part was used to supersede the municipal jurisdiction but also make buildings non compliant with Building Codes.

My job is bigger than me in that I wrote the CEO of FortisBC after the FortisBC application for smart meters. It isn't good for the president and CEO of a publicly traded company to not know what his negligent management has done. The fact that the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) rubber-stamped the FortisBC application is something they have to own. They cannot dismiss my government and Industry Canada credentials recognized across Canada for utilization of all electricity.

The new President and CEO, Roger Dall'Antonia, of FortisBC Inc. and FortisBC Energy Inc., isn't aware that the error in the BCUC allowing FortisBC's application to move forward has provided the legal avenues to reverse the FortisBC and BC Hydro smart meter programs. As a Registered Intervene, I will file a Reconsideration with the BCUC and they cannot use the plastic head to dismiss me. They have to technically disqualify me and prove electricity isn't science. The letter to FortisBC, dated April 15, 2016, contains causal evidence, transcripts and evidence of the experts under oath. It addresses the illegal installation that MLGW didn't share. The MLGW Electrical Engineer doesn't know unqualified people mass installed meters, pulled them under load. left the connections unattended, arcs, surges, fires and a combustible meter on a meter base. The meter base itself isn't rated to house a computer through different seasons. Radiating populations has created unrealized liabilities.

Would you like to interview me next Friday specific to this? I have that duty to inform your utility and that president in the best interests of Memphis and Tennessee.

'Letter for FortisBC CEO, Mark Warren, BC Hydro, etc on Smart Meter Program'

Here is a picture of the flat earth science used for the limits of human exposure. Bottom line is you are safe if you have a plastic head. The real liability is growing for Memphis and beyond.
Sam Phantom Model
Specific Absorption Rate Test with Temperature Probe in Liquid ("plastic head") [5]
Boeing uses potatoes instead of people to test wi-fi'

'Boeing uses potatoes instead of people to test wi-fi' [6]

Donna Bohannon, I owe this to you, Trudy Stamps, Memphis, your team, your leadership and even the utility to step up. This is my job and the new president of your utility can not dismiss or disqualify me.

I can't thank you enough for that leadership and information. Now it is time to stop this before it is too late. There are other documents coming for you and others in that state and others. They are legal documents that can not be ignored. This really is an international security of unprecedented proportions. President Trump will be coming on board or he will forfeit all of his development holdings and own property that can't be occupied.

We didn't disappear for these last months, we were working and it will be done. You can not put planet earth in a man made microwave oven, it will kill the planet as we know it and hell is coming for what we have already done.

This microwaving what creation under any name has provided to sustain all life is an all out attack on every religion. You can't put any one's baby including unborn babies in a microwave oven for ease of communication with smart meters.

I want you to share all of this with your city council, commission, utility, IBEW, lawyers, elected officials and whomever. There is no one exempt from the real and immediate danger that can kill you, plus ruin your investment, etc. I am a first responder at operation levels for reasons and I am time proven as well as 1 member of an amazing uncompromising team. All of the above better listen for the lives of their children. If people want to dispute this, let's do it in an interview and get it on. The plastic head professionals and potatoes will not prevail.

My real technical job is representing all life on the planet, it is called sustainability. I am a Professor in the most advanced education program in the world without exception. Sharon Weinstein as the health education administrator has kicked Nobel Prize Laureates to the curb when they wanted to lecture. She didn't want them to take away from their existing faculty members.

This medical education is about energy, atoms and molecules except they show it with accurate non invasive radiology.

Causation and biological plausibility specifically was missing and had to be qualified. That was found, reported and lectured for Continuing Medical Education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. It was applicable to health professionals in North America. Here is a letter from the health education administrator, share it with all your health professionals, it is a game changer for you.

You have heard people refer to wireless exposure and thermal or non thermal effects not understood? There is no such thing as non thermal; it can all be seen.

With injury or infection there is an inflammatory response that medicine is blind to. Here is what an initial inflammation looks like and progression of infection in 24 hours.
Inflammatory Response
Inflammatory Response
Integrative Health Forum graphic visuals bring the invisible to light.
Integrative Health Forum

It is a tremendous honour to do an imaging practicum with Dr. Lynch. Concussions can be seen, Ebola can be seen; radiation can be seen.

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John Burwell
John Burwell
John Burwell is Donna's in studio guest.

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1. Are there ID,  minimum age or any other requirements to listen to the recording?

You need to be a mature minded adult who can master disturbing material that has happened. Expect a necessarily graphic, scientific, factual presentation, with brutal language and a vicious attitude towards the previous criminal perpetrators. People have died and others are seriously injured from the "invisible wires". The wireless assault is an unprecedented global emergency; we are here to co-create an ecological, sustainable Planet Earth and to work together, building good relationships, to work out critical problems immediately.

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Related Sources

About J.T. Young, President and CEO of MLGW

About J.T. Young, President and CEO of MLGW
President and CEO J.T. Young joined MLGW in 2018 and is the 11th President to lead the utility. Young’s diverse utility experience includes customer service, marketing, sales, risk management, information technology, finance and supply chain management. Immediately prior to assuming his responsibilities at MLGW, he served as Gulf Power Company’s Customer Service and Marketing General Manager. Young holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Florida, an MBA from the University of West Florida and he is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s General Management Program.

About Jerry Collins, Past President and CEO of MLGW

Memphis Light, Gas and Water President & Chief Executive Officer Jerry Collins
Memphis Light, Gas and Water President & Chief Executive Officer Jerry Collins has served as President and CEO of MLGW since 2007. He is the tenth person to lead the utility. A native Memphian, Collins previously served as Director of Public Works for the City of Memphis. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Tennessee.

Collins has served as the Vice President of the Tennessee Chapter of the American Public Works Association, President of the Kentucky-Tennessee Water Pollution Control Association, on the Board of Directors for the International Water Environment Federation, and is currently Chairman of the Board for United Way of the Mid-South. Collins currently serves on numerous other boards as well. Collins was elected to the Kentucky-Tennessee Water Environment Association Hall of Fame in 2002.

A former Outstanding Alumnus of the University of Memphis' Herff College of Engineering, Collins received a bachelor of science in civil engineering in 1975 and a master of science in civil engineering in 1976. In 2011, he received the Herff Honor Award for Distinguished Service in Engineering by the University of Memphis, which recognizes engineers whose professional and/or personal achievements have brought honor and distinction to the college and who have made significant contributions to the engineering profession.

About Christopher Bieber, Vice President of Customer Care of MLGW

About Christopher Bieber, Vice President of Customer Care of MLGW
Christopher Bieber is Vice President of Customer Care and is responsible for energy acquisition, community offices, metering/billing, customer service field operations, commercial and industrial relations, energy efficiency/conservation, the Customer Care Center and the Customer Advocacy Center for Memphis Light, Gas and Water.

Bieber joined MLGW in 2000 as the Vice President of Engineering. He has 30 years of experience with Ontario Hydro in Ontario, Canada, and extensive management experience in transmission and distribution systems. Bieber most recently served as General Manager, Territories, for Ontario Hydro. As General Manager, he managed the construction, operation and maintenance of 300 transformer stations and 1,000 distribution stations, as well as field customer service and meter reading.

Bieber was born in Lachine, Quebec, Canada. He earned a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. He is also a graduate of the Banff School of Advanced Management.

He is a registered engineer in the Province of Ontario, Canada, and has served as a Site Examiner for the Canadian Awards of Business Excellence. Bieber has also been active in various community fund raising activities such as United Way.

Electrical/Mechanical Engineer William Bathgate's
Power Point Presentation

William (Bill) Bathgate
William (Bill) Bathgate

[Excerpt] 'Although William has an extensive background in wireless, here is an analysis he did due to his own curiosity without conflict of interest. Share globally, it is alarming to see what has been done with a technology that bypassed regulatory process and testing.'
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