Professor Curtis Bennett critiquing those who have not relayed causation and biological plausibility found, not "Microwave Sickness" or "Electrohypersensitivity(EHS)"

Professor Curtis Bennett critiquing those who have not relayed causation and biological plausibility found, not
Electromagnetic fields act via activation of voltage-gated calcium channels to produce beneficial or adverse effects Martin L. Pall
June 9, 2018
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I have been associated with Pall's work [1] from a different technical and legal angle. Our team's participation in the Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields(RF EMF) issue was specific to causation and biological plausibility admitted to be missing in exposure codes linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects. Declassified military documents [2] refer to the mechanisms of interaction and mechanisms of action not understood. They know there is a heat effect, which is limiting, but the result when critical science is missing. They admit the mechanisms have been missing for decades. There are NO such things as non thermal effects; everything is thermal above Absolute Zero(-273 deg. C, -496 deg. F) and 100% of it can be seen.

On September 14, 2010, the missing causal evidence and biological plausibility was reported to Health Canada as Canada's authority having jurisdiction. October 26, 2010, I provided expert witness at the request of Canadian Parliament's Standing Committee on Health(HESA). The report of the committee came out in December 2010 and the New Democratic Party(NDP) supplementary report [3] told Health Canada to thoroughly investigate specific to my credentials.

During that time, we qualified the missing science for lecture for Continuing Medical Education(CME) credits required for ongoing medical licensing. There is no higher standard and the medical education program lectured at the University of Central Florida was applicable to health professionals in North America for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing [4]. That means this isn't a debate and it isn't called Microwave Sickness or Electrohypersensitivity(EHS). It had to be qualified why some felt more, some were sick and others were not.

Medical education administration wanted to know who we could get to qualify more biological sciences and I suggested Dr. Havas, PhD. A Professor teaching biology at a university would give credibility to the program and provide Havas with the unparalleled credential of lecturing in the program at the same time the causal evidence was [presented]. The health administrator called me and told me Havas wanted my credentials, to which I replied "give them to her". Neither the health administrator or myself heard from Havas again [5].

Unfortunately Havas got into product use for your time in the microwave when there is no protection from these highly penetrating EMFs.

Citizens for Safe Technology(CST) in BC, [6] was part of the FortisBC application for smart meters and I was a Registered Intervener for the West Kootenay Concerned Citizens (WKCC) [7]. I cross-examined FortisBC "experts" under oath for 3.5 hours specific to the missing causal evidence and biological plausibility. Their expert's admissions under oath were alarming; they admitted the causal evidence and biological plausibility was missing in their risk assessment report. CST's lawyer, David Aaron, could have used the missing causal evidence to substantiate health reporting of CST experts. Unfortunately David Aaron left the hearings during my cross-examination; he had been informed by CST that they didn't like me so ignore me [8]. I called David and offered to help, he told me he would be getting PhDs for his experts. I told him there are no circumstances when a PhD would be called to interpret or consult on an electrical problem. His court case failed when the courts were specifically looking for that missing causal evidence.

My real job with nationally recognized government credentials in electrical energy utilization means I am one of the utility's experts with credentials recognized in every province. Even though the British Columbia Utilities Commission(BCUC) [9] rubber stamped the FortisBC application, that gave me a legal avenue as a Registered Intervener to reverse 2 smart meter programs in BC. The BC Utilities Commission provided the legal avenues.

Ken Mack [10] had several people die on his properties and against advice hired Stetzer and Milham to do a report. The report cost $50,000 and was useless because the causal evidence wasn't qualified. Then Ken hired lawyers against advice and paid over $100,000 for lawyers to learn about an electricity. He has spent over $200,000 and his lawyers told him his case would be dismissed without the causal evidence. Ken is a hard working man with expectations of being represented but it is cause not being qualified.

As the governments' and Industry Canada's credentialed expert on utilization of electricity produced by utilities, my job to protect FortisBC from their unrealized liability has to be done. Here is a letter sent to the City of Kelowna because FortisBC management wrote an article about the safety of their smart meter program. That was after the specific management was technically disqualified by me in cross-examination. The letter contains transcripts and evidence with experts under oath.

Here is a letter written afterwards to the CEO of FortisBC warning him about the real liability his management didn't represent. It isn't good for a publicly traded company to have real liability they will not be insured for and will bankrupt them.

Here is that letter from the health education administration about the accreditation of the medical program. The fact the medical program was in Florida, CE brokers wanted the medical program applicable to all health disciplines in the state. Tachover should contact the health education administration and have a candid conversation including my credentials.

That means this is medical education now and no longer a debate. The second you use the language of CME credits with your health professionals, they will understand the significance and help you. The ONLY reason retired Pediatric RN(ICU) interviewed me several times was after she vetted me specific to my qualified background including lecturing medicine specific to cause.

Keep in mind as you move forward that these RF EMFs are a microwave oven. How long can a baby be in a microwave for? The US is planning on installing 300,000 mini towers to blanket areas for ease of communication; you can't use a plastic head [11] to bypass or supersede jurisdictions and all science. I asked Professor Goldberg to read the Bio-Initiative Report, all 1500 pages. His return call was to say, "you are electrically substantiating the reporting except there is no lowering of power density, there is NO acceptable exposure." Here is a recent link with Professor Goldberg answering questions specific to school violence and you can read where the nervous, hormonal and immune systems are compromised at the same time. That isn't microwave sickness; inducing currents is electrocution.

Latest link is

Causal evidence was available 7 years ago and we have had to spend millions fighting groups and people to help them when we aren't selling anything. EMFs require a qualified electrical interpretation first and it substantiates Pall's and other reporting.

~ Curtis Bennett

Causal evidence was available 7 years ago and we have had to spend millions fighting groups and people to help them when we aren't selling anything. EMFs require a qualified electrical interpretation first and it substantiates Pall's and other reporting. You have what you need to stop this, and governments, professionals including IEEE, should never have been technically overwhelmed by a plastic head and potatoes for Wi-Fi on airplanes [12]. What do you think a judge or jury will say when they see the flat earth science of the plastic head representing all sciences and laws? Our job included warning governments, industries including utilities specific to their trillion dollar liability. Now they get to be liable, will pay with their assets, no insurance and that doesn't include criminal liability. Everyone in the coverage areas really does have a lawsuit and you better step up; your buildings and investments will no longer be compliant with Building Code or other codes.

We have imaged RF EMF radiation injuries and it can be seen. The damage is measurable by the second.


Professor Curtis Bennett

Chief, International Science Advisory Board for IHF(14,000 members)
Adjunct Professor for Accredited Medical Education For CME Credits
Thermal Radiation Consultant for 39 Years
Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal)
Building Engineering Technologist
Ph: 604-239-2694

Professor Curtis Bennett's Comment

Curtis Bennett: This is an important read for people. People are NOT hypersensitive to their electrocution from RF EMF exposure. They do NOT have microwave sickness; they have been put in a microwave. Tachover is a lawyer that has had success with EMF exposure. The causal evidence will allow lawyers to take this to court and have utilities, governments, FCC, IEEE, etc qualify that plastic head with liquid in it as science. A judge and jury will recognize it for the aquarium it is.


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[12] 'Boeing's cutting-edge science and potatoes enable Wi-Fi advance', Video by Boeing, Dec. 27, 2012.

Former Professor Curtis Bennett

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