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In the last few years cell towers have been proliferating Toronto and the country to accommodate growing demand for mobile phone reception. With growing competition from new companies, since January 2010, the existing telecommunication giants, Rogers, Bell, and Telus have been carpeting the city with new towers and transmitters to offset the competition. With several new companies (Wind, Public Mobile, Mobilicity, Mike, etc.) emerging, the number of towers, the power and frequencies emitted by towers has been exponentially increased just in the last year.
This is new technology that has had no long term studies to research the effect of long term exposure of micro-wave radio frequency on the general public. The microwaves that are emitted from these towers is known to be carcinogenic, and linked to leukemia, infertility, Alzheimer’s, autism, and various other insidious health issues.
Short term exposure is known to cause headaches, nausea, tinnitus, sleep disturbances, skin rashes, disorientation, vertigo, changes in vision, and can affect the cardiovascular and nervous system. Exposure causes DNA damage and has been linked to various cancers.

We are currently being exposed to levels of radio and microwave frequency that have never been experienced in human history.
The most comprehensive (and daunting) compilation of research on cell tower emissions done by an independent international body of scientists and researchers is the BioInitiative Report of 2007.

The standards that have been set by Health Canada (Safety Code 6) for safe levels of public exposure fall at least 100 times higher (meaning 100 times more exposure) than those set my most European countries, and those standards are poorly and intermittently regulated here by Industry Canada.

Industry Canada auctions off our national airwaves to the Telecommunications Companies (i.e. Bell and Rogers), much like the federal government would sell off our crown land or national waters.
Industry Canada auctions what they term "Spectrum (airwave) Licences" to the communications companies for multi-million dollar bids, meaning that Industry Canada has a vested financial interest in selling as many licenses as possible. In 2008 alone, the federal government of Canada made almost 4.3 Billion dollars by selling off the airwaves to various telecom companies for wireless transmissions.
Thus Industry Canada does not serve the general public, they serve the Telecommunications Industry.
The catch 22 here is that Industry Canada is the only federal body monitoring the existing standards that the telecommunication companies have to meet, meaning that there is virtually no current legislation controlling where and how many cell towers can go up in a given residential area.
After doing extensive research into who is protecting our public health, the sad fact is nobody. Health Canada claims that Industry Canada sets the standards, and Industry Canada claims that Health Canada sets the standards. Get the picture?
So the only way that any change can be made is if we, the tax paying, voting citizens and residents of this city and country, push the federal government to make changes in the current legislation to control and monitor our exposure to radio frequency and implement stronger regulations for the Telecommunications Industry.
Please contact your local MP and MPP and voice your concerns. It seems that phone calls and e-mails are not as effective as meeting face to face, but anything is better than nothing.
Contact your city councillor, Health Canada, Toronto Public Health, Industry Canada, the local media, and anyone you might think can raise awareness.
Below are a list of people in Industry Canada and Health Canada to contact.
Joe Doria, P. Eng.
District Engineer | Ingénieur district
Spectrum, Information Technologies and Telecommunications | Spectre, des technologies de l'information et des télécommunications
Regional Operations | Opérations régionales
Industry Canada | Industrie Canada
55 St Clair Avenue East, Toronto ON  M4T 1M2 | 55, avenue St Clair est, Toronto ON  M4T 1M2


Health Canada scientist:
Art Thansandote, PhD
Chief, Electromagnetics Division
Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau
Health Canada
775 Brookfield Road (AL 6301B)
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1C1
Tel. (613) 954-0306
Fax. (613) 941-1734

Prof. Magda Havas is an Associate Professor at Trent University, Centre for health studies.
Her e-mail is:

In case it's of use to you, here is the web page about the work on cell phone tower RFs by Toronto Public Health.
Have a look at the reports listed under: "Prudent Avoidance Policy on Siting Telecommunication Towers and Antennas (November 2007)"

Loren Vanderlinden, PhD
Supervisor, Environmental Health Assessment & Policy
Environmental Protection Office
Toronto Public Health
277 Victoria Street, 7th Floor, Toronto, M5B 1W2
Tel: 416-338-8094; Fax: 416-392-7418

Tony Clement, Minister of Industry  (Minister responsible for Industry Canada)
C.D. Howe Building
235 Queen Street
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0H5



The petition is drafted with the help of Maria Minna, Liberal MP, to the federal government to change current legislation on how and where cell towers are erected. It will be presented to the federal government mid-February after parliament resumes in 2011. We need to get as many signatures as possible nationwide for it to be effective.
-petition should be printed out on legal size 8" x 14" paper if possible. If that's not possible, 8" x 11" paper will do, there's just less room for signatures.  Each page must remain in format submitted.

-signatures should appear in blue ball point ink. Only original signatures can be submitted, no photocopies. You may print and fill as many pages as you like.

-filled petitions to be sent to:
     Hon. Maria Minna M.P
     House of Commons
     Parliament Hill
     Ottawa, Ontario
     K1A 0A6
*no postage necessary
Thanks very much!

Note: Ms. Minna`s office has moved the date of accepting petitions
to the end of February.

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  • immediately revise Health Canada Safety Code 6 to take into account accumulative biological effects, and health effects not just thermal effects, of microwave radiation, with a strict stated limit for exposure. Revisions must implement and enforce stricter limits to all new and existing cell towers, wireless, base stations, antennas, transmitters;

  • immediately enforce a moratorium on all new installations of cellular and wireless antennas, transmitters, base stations across the country and especially in the GTA until further unbiased non-industry funded scientific research has examined the short-term and long-term biological effects and health effects on humans from immediate and accumulative exposure to microwave radiation emitted from said devices;

  • ban all new antennas, base stations, and transmitters to be installed within 500 meters of any residence, school, community centre, hospital or any place where people spend a good part of their day, and the frequency of pre-existing antennas must be immediately reduced to adhere to the precautionary principle as suggested in the BioInitiative Report of 2007; ban installations of antennas on the roofs of apartment building or any residential dwellings;

  • consult all residents within a 500 meter radius well in advance to any installation of cell towers, base stations, antennas and transmitters so they can be informed of the biological health effects and have a say on the long-term implications of these devices in their immediate neighborhood and quality of life. Local councils must be allowed to make their own decisions about the tower sites without being overruled; and

  • call for immediate implementation of unbiased non-industry funded scientific research on the short-term and long-term biological and health effects of human exposure to microwave radiation, emf’s and rf’s, taking into account immediate and daily accumulative exposure, with full public disclosure of all findings.

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Maria fights to amend cell phone tower regulations

Posted on March 9, 2011


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