Neighbors vs. antennas in wireless battle ahead of
Super Bowl 50

Neighbors vs. antennas in wireless battle ahead of Super Bowl 50

Comment by
Adjunct Professor
Curtis Bennett

Original Comment Published on
Friends of 'Dirty Electricity' and
'EMF' Conquerors,
by Curtis Bennett,
25 August, 2015
at 14:21 Eastern Time

Citizens have more to stop the antennas than they are representing and Verizon planning to put in another 400 better think of their real liability including criminal. The Specific Absorption Rate Verizon is relying on for safety is a Sam Phantom Model and a plastic head with water in it. All cell phone manufacturers have to submit their cell phones for testing so the SAR only considered the end use device on the wireless electrical circuit. The SAR test is done in a RF EMF sterile environment to test the phone ONLY. The phones are not hooked up to a network at all. The SAR is such a ridiculous test because humans were treated like a cup of water in a microwave. The reason the FCC and others report no adverse health effects is the plastic head doesn't have health or biology. 

A corrupt disk or corrupt process isn't a blame game, it means the process is corrupted. The wireless industry, governments and other involved industries never should have moved forward with a technology where exposure codes admit they are missing Causation and Biological Plausibility linking the RF EMFs to adverse health effects. Health Canada's Safety Code 6 stated the code would be revised once they get peer reviewed science showing harm. The problem is billions has been spent and politicians endorsed it. 

Causation was found and reported as was Biological Plausibility to Health Canada, Canadian Parliament's Standing Committee on Health and lectured in accredited medical education for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. Entrenched politicians undermined the government and sustainability where as a frequency and biological weapon as applied is being used on populations simply to communicate with wireless devices. Canada did not pass that on where RF EMFs would have been deemed Carcinogenic. 

WiFi evolved from there and considered simple because people don't hold their laptop next to their head. Smart Meters were considered a given because people aren't outdoors with their heads next to the meter. Leaving out the antennas, routers, smart grid is alarming. That requires calculations never done before and they change every second. 

The antennas are really illegal and extremely dangerous as applied. It is exposure codes and industry that says exposure triggers nerves and muscles if people are hit by the EMFs....oops they left out the antennas, routers and smart grid which is causation and the plastic head has no biology so as soon as you incorporate the bio-electrical information of humans, you have Biological Plausibility. 

Imagine people at the stadium and areas having their nerves and muscles triggered, inducing pacemakers which can kill people told to stay out of an EMF. How did Verizon use a human exposure code to bypass Municipal Building Inspection where the RF EMFs being absorbed by buildings and infrastructure causes high speed vibrations Billions of times per measurable second inside walls, roofs and fire separations. It equates to molecular earthquakes and is an electrical mechanism first. 

California is in the news because of the billions in losses with droughts while at the same time Verizon in this case is causing atmospheric excitation of molecules that heat the atmosphere contributing to weather changes. 

Planet Earth and everything on it is electrical. The Earth uses a magnetic field and develops natural EMFs, deploying high speed penetrating EMFs will kill the planet. Biologists know that increasing cellular voltages in your body .2 millionths of 1 volt changes white blood cells. Using Ohm's Law(electricity) you can calculate the RF EMFs cause cancers. 
California, Washington State, Canada and others are reporting Forest Fires being more intense? Hell is here for what we have done and it is going to get much worse. Verizon has not informed SF that the scope of medical diagnosis has changed, no one informed or consulted them on what blanket radiation does. Here is a link to transcripts of the BC Government supporting suspension of a smart meter program. You will see the science used and the science missed as well as the energy that smart meters are supposed to address. They will not save one watt while putting their cities inside a man made microwave oven.

I have had people with too much wealth dismiss this because they are rich? The RF EMFs will destroy museums, art and collectibles as well as property they will not be able to sell. Exponent Inc "expert" Electrical Engineer Yakov Shkolnikov admitted under direct cross examination that the RF EMFs can induce electrical charges causing fires or explosions BUT they forgot to tell gas workers or IBEW that classed areas like oil, gas and volatile areas are no longer wired to be explosion proof. A static spark can blow them up. SanFran needs to get Verizon to CEASE and DESIST immediately with these antennas. Citizens need to get this in a courtroom yesterday and show the judge the plastic head while you take in electricity, biology, engineering. 

Are California Universities shutting down with science degrees no longer applicable? We use 60 Hz EMFs and insulated known conductors to generate electricity. RF EMFs are an electrical circuit for communications except they are not insulated and everyone and everything is the conductor. Inducing currents isn't EHS, it is electrocution.

Adjunct Professor Curtis Bennett


Curtis Bennett:"Citizens have more to stop the antennas than they are representing and Verizon planning to put in...

Posted by Dianne Knight on Tuesday, 25 August 2015
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