Professor Curtis Bennett Here on
Your Negligent Representations
Calling For a Delay of
5G Due To Health Risks

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A Trent University researcher who sought municipal approval to convert the basement of her house near campus into a research laboratory was turned down by township council Tuesday night.
Magda Havas
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People Better Pay Attention for Their Lives.

~ Curtis Bennett
June 13, 2019

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By Curtis Bennett
June 13, 2019
URGENT WARNING ~ Media Release:
Ontario Doctors Warn of Rising Health Care Costs after 5G Roll Out
(39:54 min.)
from:    Curtis Bennett <>
date:    Jun 13, 2019, 12:03 AM
subject:    Professor Curtis Bennett Here on Your Negligent Representations Calling For a Delay of 5G Due To Health Risks

Hello Dr. Havas,

It is embarrassing and nothing personal to have to address your gross negligence representing a delay in a technology that was illegal from the start. Regardless of intent you have literally undermined the science world and the reason science professionals do not speak over their area of expertise. You are not qualified in any electrical opinion on electromagnetic fields(EMFs) or electromagnetic radiation(EMR). Everything in existence is atoms and molecules(energy) and the basis for all sciences. People or professionals in yours or Dr. Bray’s case here have to be extremely careful speaking over their areas of expertise or it compromises them as well as other sciences.

Your website states:  Welcome to my personal website – dedicated to the study of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR).  Canada and all countries already have professionals credentialed in EMFs as well as EMR. They are called electricians where it takes roughly 5 years in the field as well as in trades school. One of my credentials is an Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal). The Canadian Government and Industry Canada trained as well as certified one profession for the utilization of ALL electricity in Canada. Simply put, that means if electricity is used for anything, electricians are the governments and utilities recognized experts. Add to that my 35 year electrical career where I led or were part of teams trouble shooting electrical systems for oil, gas, lumber, mines, chemical, fire, agriculture, utilities, municipalities, insurers and big industries scheduling shutdowns based on our reporting. Here is one example that you as well as associates are not even addressing in your unqualified electrical ignorance with 4.8 million smart meters illegally installed. That includes your own building as well as Trent University where you teach electrical courses. They are no longer compliant with Building Code meaning no sale, mortgage, insurance or occupancy.

This correspondence includes transcripts and evidence of the BC Utilities Commission with FortisBC’s experts under oath. The BCUC is the provincial authority, same as a PUC for a state or country. It highlights what compromised connections in all meter bases look like  and are experiencing with arcs, surges, fires, electrical failure. Utilities had no authority or jurisdiction to cross property line and touch the meter base or pull the meter under load.
Smart Meter Fires & Wired Connections
Here is where utility’s jurisdiction ends and building owner’s electricians begin.
where utility’s jurisdiction ends and building owner’s electricians
The second paragraph on your website states:

I do research on the biological effects of non-ionizing frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum.  This includes extremely low frequency (ELF) EMFs; intermediate frequencies (IF) commonly referred to as dirty electricity; radio frequency and microwave radiation (EMR); infrared radiation (IR); and light frequencies including ultraviolet (UV) radiation.  I’ve worked with human subjects and have also studied the effects of various frequencies on plants, bees, farm animals, and microbes.

As the governments and utilities recognized expert, we don’t do research. There are NO circumstances where we allow EMFs to interact with humans, biology of any kind, buildings, infrastructure, atmosphere or ecosystems. That mechanism of interaction can induce electrical currents, changing natural frequencies and vibrations. There are real and practical reasons we wire the world. EMFs in wiring of your home cancel each other out while single power lines can be extremely dangerous. There are no circumstances where microwaves would be used for ease of communication, hard wired is faster and safer for important technology upgrades. Hard wiring eliminates liability.

The third paragraph on your website refers to your early work which is to be applauded. The Auditor General of Canada sent our team all the Environmental Petitions including yours on the DECT Phone Study asking what their office had missed? Had you understood what that graph was showing related to the studies, you would never support any exposure with microwave EMFs. The AG was told that the dangerous health effects increased with higher power density. Power is watts(volts times amps). Ohm’s Law is Volts = Amps X Resistance. Increase amps means voltage increases.

Health Canada’s exposure guideline allowed for 1000 micro watts per sq. cm of your body. In the DECT Phone Study there were altered brain waves at .1 of 1 micro watt. Sq. cm would apply if the body was flat.
Radiation near 2.4 GHz DECT Phone (not in use)
It is your unqualified electrical ignorance that does not understand or represent the significance of any EMF exposure. Exposure codes admit to inducing electrical current with their same unqualified electrical ignorance. Using Ohm’s Law, listen what Dr. Joan Moffat states in a moderated public forum put on by the City of Penticton. Go to 18:16 of the video for her evidence and increasing voltage by millionths of 1 volt changes white blood cell, mood and more. The presenter after Moffat is Lyndsey Hall that worked radar sites as an engineer. They encapsulate the radar site with copper mesh that is grounded because everything on site could develop an electrical charge that could kill you if you touched something.

Yourself, Trent University, associates or the Bio-Initiative Report supporting lowering exposure will have liability including criminal. Here is a link showing what power density looks like in the infrared spectrum in a wired electrical circuit. This is in effect what is being done in a wireless electrical circuit to the inside of bodies, buildings, atmosphere and ecosystem.

The last part of paragraph 3 states:

In the mid 1990s, I became interested in the biological effects of electromagnetic pollution (electrosmog) and began to work with people who had electrohypersensitivity (EHS), which is an intolerance of various electromagnetic frequencies commonly found in the environment generated by anthropogenic sources.

Your interest in the biological effects of EMF should have been an interest only until responsibly investigated. The Specific Absorption Rate test for the limits of human exposure is a plastic head with liquid having absolutely zero biology. The name of the test is an admission of absorption when these EMFs are not supposed to hit people at all.  You and associates representing some exposure is okay can own being the anthropogenic source of 5G destroying the planet. What is the biological significance of this test used for the limits of human exposure?
Specific Absorption Rate Used For Human Exposure to RF EMFs
Paragraph 4, first line of your website states:

My research at Trent is a blend of historical studies (see Zory’s Archives) and current research from around the world related to electrosmog.

Yourself, Trent University or associates and any current research is based on errors or admissions in exposure codes. Any research conclusions would be scientifically baseless putting participants in a position of liability including criminal. Which credentialed electrical professionals did you use to qualify the electrical missing mechanisms of interaction that is required to link RF EMFs to adverse health effects? Your latest news video by NTD News titled Doctors Call for Delaying Deployment of 5G Due to Health Risks addresses the symptoms which would be mechanisms of action that excluded the causal evidence linking RF EMFs to adverse health effect called the mechanism of interaction. It is due to your collective electrical ignorance that the video is titled as is. There is no delaying 5G deployment, it is illegal right now. Regarding “Health Risks”, Sudden Cardiac Death, inducing current or affecting mitochondria isn’t a risk, it is bio-electrical hell and death.

Electron Transport is the electrons being intellectually driven as referred to by Professor Ronald Lynch. The electrical mechanism of interaction qualifies how the mitochondria are severely compromised by high speed RF EMFs oscillating(polarizing 180 deg) billions of times per measurable second. That mechanism of interaction can cause failure of a nuclear power plant and it is destroying the mitochondria while interfering with its function. Inducing electrical current means electrons are smashing through the mitochondria creating unrealized destruction of the mitochondria as well as other parts of the body exposed to RF EMFs. US doctors diagnosed US and Canadian Embassy staff with brain injuries when they were supposedly hit with a portable sonic weapon in Cuba. It was their Wi-Fi used in the embassy and other areas.

I am sending you important updates on the liability you are creating for yourself and others while undermining qualified professionals globally. That domino effect impacts the public literally screaming for help. How did you get biologically overwhelmed by a plastic head with liquid in it? How did Trent University science departments and admin collectively allow this to happen? Degrees of graduates have been compromised as blanket radiation changes every science.

Did any biology courses ever represent the plastic head as science? Here is a submission for the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission on these RF EMFs causing failure of a nuclear plant in Toronto. Is it a presumption on your part that the nuclear power plant is hypersensitive to the vibrations billions of times per measurable second?  

The radiation of the world has gone on an extra 8 years as a direct result of your unqualified representations. I have watched Olle Johansson over the years be minimized, demoted and he still stepped to represent people. Years ago Olle responded to my email on co-authoring a publication providing the causal electrical evidence linking EMFs to adverse health effects with one word, YES.

The accredited medical education program you were invited to submit a lecture in January 2011 represented the missing causal evidence and biological plausibility in Safety Code 6(2009). Here is the accreditation and a letter by health education admin you corresponded with. That accredited medical education program was applicable to all health professionals in North America for education credits REQUIRED for ongoing medical licensing. That is 3 countries and all you did was ask health admin for my credentials. We never heard from you again?

Had you attended, you would have seen medical advances that include breast cancer can can be seen with non invasive radiology. Progression of infection can be seen as can difficult diagnosis. Damage caused by EMFs can be seen. Here is an example:
Ebola Can Be Seen
It was embarrassing to send a document to Berkeley University regarding Joel Moskowitz undermining UC Berkeley. Here is a link to that document(receipt)

In closing, you need to cease and desist in your unqualified electrical interpretations. You are not an expert nor should you be representing yourself as one. As a registered intervener in the FortisBC application for smart meters, I have been provided the legal avenues to reverse FortisBC’s smart meter application by the BC Utilities Commission. I have to PROVE they made an error. The plastic head is indefensible and FortisBC “experts” as well as their risk assessment report were technically disqualified in cross examination. FortisBC lawyers stated when questioned by David Aaron of CST the risk assessment report was the backbone of the application. My cross examination as the intervenor for the West Kootenay Concerned Citizens got them to admit their report left out critical science. Cross examination of IEEE member and Exponent Inc.’s Dr. Yakov Shkolonikov got him to confirm the mechanisms of interaction missing in exposure codes. My cross examination of Dr. William Bailey of Exponent Inc had him admit their risk assessment report left out all bio-electrical information associated with humans. They only considered the frequencies impinging upon the body. When asked about pollinators and the RF EMFs, Bailey said they adapt which is a reflection of his ignorance.

The Reconsideration of FortisBC’s application for smart meters will be filed on Friday. The domino effect will reverse smart meters in every PUC’s jurisdiction.


Professor Curtis Bennett

Chief, International Science Advisory Board for IHF(14,000 members)
Adjunct Professor for Accredited Medical Education For CME Credits
Thermal Radiation Consultant for 40 Years
Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal)
Building Construction Engineering Technologist

Part 4 of 4 - ITRON Smartmeter Public Forum (Q+A)

Published on Mar 11, 2012
City of Penticton's Moderated Public Forum on Wireless Meter Safety.
Public Question and Comment Period on Wireless AMR Meters in Penticton.
Joan Moffat
Joan Moffat at 18:21 in Part 4 of 4 - ITRON Smartmeter Public Forum (Q+A)
Curtis Bennett
Magda Havas
Professor Curtis Bennett
Chief, International Science Advisory Board for IHF(14,000 members),
Adjunct Professor for Accredited Medical Education For CME Credits,
Thermal Radiation Consultant for 40 Years,
Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal),
Building Construction Engineering Technologist
Magda Havas,
Associate Professor,
Trent University
BSc, PhD (Toronto)
Photo Credit: Trent University
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Editor's Note

Stay On the Truth, by Dianne Knight, is the only media in the world that Professor Curtis Bennett is talking to, the ONLY ONE who responded.

Former Professor Curtis Bennett

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