Legal Filings Against Wi-Fi: Oregon

Legal filings are underway in the United States, seeking an injunction against Wi-Fi in schools with declarations from expert witnesses Barrie Trower, Dr. David Carpenter, Lloyd Morgan and Curtis Bennett, under threat of perjury. 

"Many years of scientific study has produced substantial evidence that EMF
may be considered both carcinogenic and neurotoxic."

~ Dr. David O. Carpenter, M.D.

"It is generally accepted within the relevant scientific community and has been
established that many bioeffects and adverse health effects occur at far lower levels of RF exposure than those that cause measurable heating. Educating by way of the Internet via cabled systems does not increase exposure."

~ Lloyd Morgan

"The paradox of course is how can microwave radiation be used as a weapon
to cause illness or death and at the same time be used as a safe communications
instrument. Therefore, I fail to see how WI-FI can possibly be safe for the
school children and teachers exposed to it."
~ Barrie Trower

Wireless Networks in Schools:
Wireless Networks - Genetic Mutations

In 2010, an Error or Omission was reported to Health Canada and the Canadian Parliament's Standing Committee on Health "An Examination of the Potential Health Impacts of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation".

Canada: House of Commons Debates Microwave Safety

Allegedly, Health Canada is criminally negligent for not reporting to provinces, and in turn to all users, including schools, cities, communication companies and energy providers, that an Error or Omission was found in Safety Code 6. According to Safety Code 6, Wi-Fi is illegal, and all wireless devices such as cell phones and transmitting Smart Meters are illegal because wireless devices cause excitation of our cellular tissues, which is to be avoided. Health Canada has a responsibility to protect; they have not done it. 

RF (Radiofrequency) radiation, a part of the EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) spectrum, first affects the brain, which controls our cognition, behaviour, moods, physical movements, and sleep, and it also interferes with the formation of the blood brain barrier which is not fully developed until early adulthood. The blood brain barrier is intended to protect the brain from toxic chemicals, many of which are known to cause cancer. We are deeply concerned about the cumulative effects of RF radiation on the brain, central nervous system, immune system and reproductive organs.

Furthermore, on May 31, 2011, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B). This decision mirrors the 2001 IARC finding that extremely low frequency (electrical power lines and appliances) be classified as a 2B Carcinogen. This means wireless radiation coming from Wi-Fi, baby monitors, children’s wireless toys, cell phones, cell towers, Smart Meters and the like, according to scientific studies carefully reviewed by the WHO, determined RF-EMF is a "possible human carcinogen."

RCMP and all local police forces, firefighters, paramedics, teachers, CUPE, etc. are doing their jobs, unaware that the most vulnerable among us, our babies, are in danger. 

All baby girls in the world are born with all the eggs they will ever have. Now we radiate them in classrooms as they develop . . .  and the biological implications are alarming. How do we compensate our children for future genetic consequences?

As a society, we cannot radiate our babies and also radiate our pollinators and ecosystems that sustain life, to make money.

Public documents have been filed, and people need to wake up or kiss their babies goodbye.
~ Curtis Bennett
Thermografix Consulting Corporation

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