Health Canada Missed Critical Data

By EMR Health Alliance
Original Uploaded on 18 Mar 2011

A Kelowna electrician has brought up the question of whether there is a frequency conflict between people and their cell phones. It started with a phone call to Industry Canada. Curtis Bennett, a Kelowna electrician, brought up the question of whether there is a frequency conflict between people and their cell phones. The next thing he knew, Bennett was testifying before the Canadian Parliament's Standing Committee on Health. Bennett believes that Health Canada's guidelines regarding electromagnetic devices, known as safety code 6, do not account for the fact humans have their own electric frequency. He says humans were left out of Health Canada's equation for safety standards, which puts the general population at risk.

An extreme example of this problem is Enderby's Barb Makota, who says her cell phone caused significant burns to her face and hands.

However, Bennett says this also happens on a smaller scale. He says students face this problem everyday at school when they encounter WiFi signals. Despite his testimony and testimony from other experts saying safety code 6 is obsolete, Health Canada has not reported any of this to the public. In an email to CHBC News, Health Canada says Safety Code 6 was established after scientists reviewed decades of data on the effects of radiofrequency energy. Health Canada says that as long as exposures are within their guidelines, there is no scientific reason they could be dangerous to the public.

CHBC News, Kelowna BC Cabada

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