EMF Summit 2014

The summit is NOT everything you need to know about protecting yourself from EMFs. Causality and biological plausibility is admitted to be missing in exposure codes but was found and reported by government certified professionals in Canada. The causal link was also lectured in medical education for education credits doctors, nurses, etc require for ongoing medical licensing.

~ Curtis Bennett

Alison Heath discloses she uses the toys she loves and comment by Dianne Knight

Dianne Knight: Hello Alison Heath, Thank you for being open and forthright with your philosophy by disclosing to your viewers, especially to members of the Electrosensitive Community whose lives are hanging by a thread, and who are wishing, hoping and praying, and if strong enough to do so, spending their life force energy working towards stopping the harm of EMFs at the source, by telling us you still are a wireless technology user at 26:19 in your interview with Karen Mileson.

You state: "I really promote and intend for myself on using my technology wisely, so avoidance is one of the things that everybody, all the scientists keep telling me. And you know and by avoidance it doesn't mean I can't use the toys that I love. I can still use my cell phone but I use it differently."

If you were a mom and your young daughter died a couple of hours ago from cancer of the brain and you feel it was from the cell phone tower at the end of the street, and you think she is not the first young lady on the street to die this way, due to the 24/7 blasts of non-consentual non-ionizing Radio Frequency Microwave Radiation from the tower, how would you as a mom, feel inside, knowing that you, Alison Heath, admit to be an alleged perpetrator of this technology?

Peace, Love and Light,

Monday, November 3, 10:17 AM Eastern Time

Alison Heath discloses she uses the toys that she loves and comment by Dianne Knight


Can anyone technically or scientifically disqualify Curtis Bennett as a government credentialed electrical professional and as a building engineering professional and as an Adjunct Faculty Member for accredited medical education recognized in North America and as a Thermal Radiation Professional, with 35 Years experience with the Most Advanced Thermography Applications at Atomic & Molecular Levels (lectured in education)?

Please see EMF Summit 2014 comments below for another's attempts.

~ Dianne Knight, B.A.

If you can, I will publish it on StayOnTheTruth.


Can you disqualify electricity? There are millions of electricians and engineering professionals; they were never consulted or informed, along with scientific and biological professionals.

Curtis Bennett: Education and Credentials

Curtis Bennett: "The summit is NOT everything you need to know about protecting yourself from EMFs. Causality and biological plausibility is admitted to be missing in exposure codes but was found and reported by government certified professionals in Canada. The causal link was also lectured in medical education for education credits doctors, nurses, etc require for ongoing medical licensing...."

September 3, 2014

Curtis Bennett The summit is NOT everything you need to know about protecting yourself from EMFs. Causality and biological plausibility is admitted to be missing in exposure codes but was found and reported by government certified professionals in Canada. The causal link was also lectured in medical education for education credits doctors, nurses, etc require for ongoing medical licensing. How do you leave out a medical education where state boards of medicine, dentistry and nursing recognized the program as well as the accreditation. Without cause, the health professionals at the summit will not get the information on the fact medical diagnosis across the board has changed including liability. The damage done is measurable by the second. FortisBC engineer Mark Warren admitted under cross examination by me that they will cover 17,000 sq. kms with smart meter EMFs. Even opting out provides no relief or protection. FortisBC admitted under cross examination by Jerry Flynn that each meter on each home will cover 2-3 kms. Dr. Havas needs to be the biologist and let the electrical professionals represent EMFs. Exposure code admits they are inducing current or amps in you but not enough to heat water molecules(ridiculous science). Ohm's Law say voltage = amps times resistance. Induce amps and you increase cellular voltage. Our biologist stated this when asked "what happens when you increase voltage in a cell?" They die!! That is separate of the frequency changes and high speed oscillations billions of times per second.

3 September at 20:44
Smart Meter ON what basis, Curtis, are you saying this? Have you seen who the speakers are? Is this boilerplate you just throw out from time to time?

4 September at 11:11 Eastern Time
Curtis Bennett Smart Meter The easiest way to explain what we do is to share this link with you. NONE of the speakers in the Summit are going to provide the required causal link between the EMFs and adverse health effects. That is a fact. EMFs are an electrical mechanism first, that is how we generate electricity. Go to the medical education link at the document and see the dangers of EMFs as applied is now lectured in medical education for continuing education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. That means it is approved medical education now and no longer an opinion. This document was prepared for Washington State elected officials at their request on Wi-Fi in their schools.

4 September at 11:33 Eastern Time
Curtis Bennett Smart Meter While utilities refer to the meters transmitting a minute a day or sporadically, they left out the fact the grid is on 24/7 which means a 24/7 radiation dosage. Here is our response to Canadian Premiers on their climate change plan which includes smart meters. You will see evidence submitted to the BCUC showing the energy the meters are supposed to save.
The EMF Summit needs to represent these RF EMFs expanding and collapsing inside the body and buildings billions of times per measurable second, 3600 times per hour, 86,400 times per day, 2,592,000 times per month. The RF EMFs are illegal NOW.

4 September at 11:44 Eastern Time
Smart Meter How can you say that's a fact? Do you know what they will say? I suspect you do not. I fail to understand your use of the term "causal link." Please define, and provide specifics.

4 September at 23:05 Eastern Time
Curtis Bennett Smart Meter I was asked by West Kootenay Concerned Citizens to be their Registered Intervener in the FortisBC application to the BCUC for wireless meters specifically because of my credentials. At the hearings in Kelowna, I cross examined FortisBC "experts" and Mark Warren referred to the meters only transmitting data a few times a day. I asked him if the grid was on 24/7 and he confirmed. That means 24/7 exposure, how else would they catch a power outage if the grid wasn't on. You are failing to understand the causal link because you are not electrically qualified. A wired circuit or a wireless circuit have a start and an end, The SAR only considered the meter as the end use device so how could people be hurt by RF EMFs with a little distance from the meter? Safety Code 6 is Canada's exposure code but the FCC and other governing bodies all use the same science. The link is in the Washington State document on Wi-Fi I referred you to. Go to page 9, second paragraph and read this..... "At present, there is no scientific basis for the premise of chronic and/or cumulative health risks from RF energy at levels below the limits outlined in Safety Code 6. Proposed effects from RF energy exposures in the frequency range between 100 kHz and 300 GHz, at levels below the threshold to produce thermal effects, have been reviewed. At present, these effects have not been scientifically established, nor are their implications for human health sufficiently well understood. Additionally, a lack of evidence of causality, biological plausibility and reproducibility greatly weaken the support for the hypothesis for such effects. Thus, these proposed outcomes do not provide a credible foundation for making science-based recommendations for limiting human exposures to low-intensity RF energy"......Can you see where a lack of evidence of causality, biological plausibility and reproducibility greatly weaken the support for such effects? Causality is how are the RF EMFs hitting people from head to toe and causing symptoms from head to toe. As soon as you include the required smart grid FortisBC experts confirmed under direct cross examination by me is blanket coverage of 17,000 sq. km, you have cause. As soon as you include all the missing bio-electrical information required in ANY electrical equation, you have biological plausibility. Health Canada's Safety Code 6 says they will change the code as soon as they have peer reviewed science and electromagnetic induction(electricity) is more than peer reviewed science. That causal link and biological plausibility was reported to Health Canada, provided to Canadian Parliament's Standing Committee on Health at their request and lectured in medical education for education credits at the University of Central Florida. Please read the health education administrators letter as to the accreditation of the program and the applicability to North America.

ANY EMF Summit that leave out the fact this is now recognized medical education will deny medical professionals critically important information. Topping that off, the scope of diagnosis across the board has changed with confirmation the EMFs are hitting people from head to toe. The EMF Summit can NOT leave that out.

5 September at 00:10 Eastern Time
Smart Meter Curtis, yeah, I understand this. You are just sitting there quoting the FCC and such. So what? We all know the guidelines are bogus. In what way are these scientists failing to show causality? Causality is: EMF exposure leads to condition X. You use a lot of words, not always well. Showman. In what way does the broader medical community's lack of recognition that EMFs cause various health conditions indicate that the particular individuals at the summit will not do so--esp given that some have made this their life's work.

7 September at 22:04 Eastern Time
Smart Meter Your comments are unfair, unclear, and not useful. Your main goal seems to be to promote yourself as the ultimate in knowledge. Interesting. What background do you have in physiology and biology?

7 September at 22:05 Eastern Time
Curtis Bennett Smart Meter Are you in some type of conflict of interest that you write this to me or are you hearing from people in conflicts feeding you this nonsense? Did you see the declaration for Michigan Courts we provided for the Cusumano family on smart meters? Do you assume accepted medical education is self promoting for the lecturer? That would create conflicts of interest and you wouldn't be lecturing. Here is a document for you to read and share. You will see State Boards of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, etc approved the program as did other health disciplines. You will see I lecture the program specific to smart meters and more, ZERO percent of the radiation of populations is about promoting me. If you want to contact the health education administrator for international medical education, do so.
Remember what I have said to you that damages are measurable by the second and the peer reviewed science is called electricity. I am doing my job and reporting in my very qualified capacity or I would be responsible for my inaction.

8 September at 11:20 Eastern Time
Curtis Bennett Smart Meter The medical education link I referred you to is an accredited medical education program. It is the only Energy Medicine program in the world that actually shows energy at the atomic and molecular level. We show physiology in accurate thermal radiation images including difficult diagnosis or the early detection of breast cancers, progression of infection, effective treatment, etc, etc. The program is complimented by medical and biological professionals. Have you heard of Bio-Medical Engineering? FYI, we work with Biochemists and again you see the accreditation of the medical education program. Dr. Havas was my first consideration when causation linking the frequencies to adverse health effects was lectured. She was invited to participate in the accredited program at the University of Central Florida in January, 2011.

8 September at 11:52 Eastern Time
Curtis Bennett Smart Meter Please keep in mind what interpretation of EMF interactions mean because you are fighting us when we substantiated you electrically. We generate electricity with EMFs and an insulated conductor. In the RF EMF case, industry is supplying the EMFs and humans as well as all biology are the uninsulated conductors. Every science has to consider the EMF interaction for what it means to their area of expertise....BUT under no circumstances can you have biologists, PhDs, Physicists, qualify electricity. People are not just sensitive to the EMFs; the proper term is subtle electrocution. Some people may not feel it just because of their orientation to the EMFs. As for me promoting myself? This has cost us millions of dollars plus more than I can say with what our own governments have done. First Response management do not promote themselves; we have a job that is much bigger than that and we would be finished. Service before self. The causal link has to be represented for the EMF Summit. It was provided by expert witness at the request of Canadian Parliament's Standing Committee on Health in October 2010 and lectured in medical education for CME credits January of 2011. Leave it out and undermine the summit objectives.

9 September at 09:18 Eastern Time
Curtis Bennett Smart Meter I did an important edit directly above and changed the date of Canadian Parliament's Standing Committee on Health and the date the dangers of the frequencies as applied was lectured in medical education.

9 September at 09:24 Eastern Time
Smart Meter More mumbo jumbo. So what you are saying is Martin Blank, Klinghardt, Pall and the many others are full of crap because they are doctors. So interesting. I repeat: self-promotional and obfuscating. And yes, I saw what you submitted, as I am one of the intervenors in that case. As a practitioner of energy medicine, I am less than impressed with anything you have to say.

11 September at 23:15 Eastern Time
Curtis Bennett Smart Meter If you are a real practitioner of energy medicine or had any medical background, you would understand the significance of CME credits lectured in an accredited Energy Medicine Program. Then you would contact the health education administrator and ask them questions as a peer professional. If you are a medical professional, step up or shut up. You are speaking outside your areas of expertise. I didn't say for one second that Martin Blank or others are full of crap. Martin Blank and I both provided expert witness at the request of Canadian Parliament's Standing Committee on Health. That said you can appreciate we don't have a lot of doctors of any kind telling us how to be electrical and building engineering professionals. The same way you never see electrical or engineering professional go into medicine and tell them what to do. That said I have consulted in clinical environments. RF EMFs are an ELECTRICAL mechanism before they hit biology and that needs to be substantiated by ELECTRICAL professionals first. As soon as it hits biology, it is their area of expertise. The same goes for Civil Engineers and buildings. It is an ELECTRICAL mechanism first before it hits the buildings. As government certified electrical professionals with nationally recognized government credentials, we are electrically substantiating Martin, Ollie or others. After our medical associates read the Bio-Initiative Report from start to finish, they would confirm for you that we electrically substantiated the report. Science compliment each other, they don't compete. My credentials are recognized by ALL governments in Ontario but not you. The Texas PUC document said an EHS case was dismissed because they couldn't prove cause. Cause is electrical and needs to be qualified by electrical professionals without exception. Which intervener were you? It is ok to be proud of your credentials except you are NOT electrically qualified in ANY opinion and this is the type of reckless nonsense that undermines people being hurt. Make no mistake about this, we are all accountable for what we do or don't do. If you are a medical professional, your arrogance and ignorance is recklessly endangering people.

12 September at 01:07 Eastern Time
  • Curtis Bennett Smart Meter I understand the Symposium starts tomorrow so once again I will share information with you they need or you will not give them all the required information they need as medical professionals. I don't say that with malice. During the FortisBC application you said you were an intervener and that you were a medical professional? David Aaron left the room when we cross examined FortisBC "experts" and substantiated the electrical or causal link. That is part of the BCUC Transcripts. After that it was scientifically shameful to watch FortisBC go after CST medical experts when Aaron should have shut them down. Here is a picture of the Specific Absorption Rate test FortisBC and their experts were using. It broke my heart to see the 2 sides argue absolutely different science when the SAR isn't science. If early explorers used the SAR for navigation they would have fallen off the end of the earth. CST and their experts used the Bio-Initiative Report as well as other important real studies. FortisBC lawyers would respond there is no peer reviewed science showing adverse health effects. CST would list studies, FortisBC would refer to the SAR test. Dr. Havas did the same thing in interview after interview as well and the other side used the SAR adopted by Health Canada. The plastic head doesn't have health, heart, nerves, brain, eyes or biology so of course there are no health effects. Frank Clegg should have this in court TOMORROW and get the judge to stop this RF EMF assault immediately. The SAR is GARBAGE and embarrassing. The idea that the Royal Society of Canada represents the academic elite but the plastic head over whelmed them infuriates me. The panel will be held accountable as will Health Canada officials that didn't do their jobs. Is the Symposium going to let those medical professionals see that GARBAGE science so they can stop this assault on their peers and patients immediately? The scope of diagnosis has changed, are you representing that? The solutions are to stop the grid for the frequency and biological weapon it is. The same time the Symposium is lecturing solutions in Ontario, the Ontario government has given 150 million to Wi-Fi radiate children in Kindergarten. What the hell are you doing leaving the causal link out of their medical education for? Those children in kindergarten are not going to be Electro Hyper Sensitive. They will be bathed in RF EMFs and subtly electrocuted. Chicken eggs were radiated and hatched in 21 days with the chicks mutated. Those little children will be in school all year, what is it doing to their eggs and what will they reproduce if they can? Are you sharing with the Symposium or others that the SAR has zero applicability to building codes but that is what industry is using to bypass municipal authority?
    Curtis Bennett's photo.
    12 September at 02:56 Eastern Time

Smart Meter Martin Blank is presenting at the summit. Your post said: "NONE of the speakers in the Summit are going to provide the required causal link between the EMFs and adverse health effects. That is a fact." That statement by you, which you have repeated over and over, is the basis for my comments.

14 September at 16:51 Eastern Time
Curtis Bennett Smart Meter I spent the weekend going over lawsuits with lawyers asking questions and they refer to all of the cases being dismissed because cause wasn't substantiated. Health Canada's Safety Code 6 says causality is missing and they use the same exposure code as the rest of the world. I respect Martin Blank very much for his work, he isn't an electrical professional. I am not attempting to inject myself into the Summit and couldn't/wouldn't attend if invited. I am Adjunct Faculty for medical education. The scope of medical diagnosis has changed and the associated liability. If the Summit didn't represent that, they can account for it. If you represented the causal link, Ontario wouldn't be giving 150 million for Wi-Fi to kill children in Kindergarten the same week.

14 September at 22:14 Eastern Time
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