There is a vast estate in the countryside of France that is a private emergency “Refuge Zone” that has been put at the disposal of EHS sufferers in distress, temporarily and without charge, on a humanitarian basis.

It is not a true White Zone, but is an area of low radiation without any EMF beams or lobe. The topography of the property eliminates most radiation, but there is still a variable residue from 15 kilometres away: with a major TV relay mast with mobile phone relay antennas. You will need to have your own caravan (aluminium body) with WC,
or a camping car (no tents).

The EHS persons who come must be able to look after themselves. It is essential for anyone wishing to stay, to come for “a preliminary test” of a few days to se if their health improves.

France: EHS Refuge Zone "How it works"

The EHS Refuge Zone is an extensive private property in an unspoilt rural area. It has been made available by the organisation without charge as a humanitarian gesture for EHS sufferers in crisis for their rest and refreshment. All the facilities are entirely free.
It is not a White Zone, but a zone with very low radiation untouched by any transmitter beam or EMF. The configuration of the land and the features installed block almost all radiation, but a variable trace level persists. The very low background radiation levels vary from less than 0.01 μW/m² in the insulated caravans to 0.01/0.02 μW/m² in the protected area outdoors.

Since May 2010 a Faraday cage has been made available for extreme cases, to be used for a short period on arrival. Those who wish to stay in the Refuge Zone need to have a caravan with metal bodywork or an approved camper van.

It is not possible to stay in a tent.

People must be able to look after themselves entirely. It is essential to have a trial visit of a few days, especially for the severely EHS, and insulated caravans are available for free for these trail stays. The communal areas are fitted with protection against radiation and since June 2010 with extra shielding against radiation from satellites.

Arranging a stay in the Refuge Zone


Recommendation: if you are not known to our organisation at all you need to provide a letter of recommendation from a doctor, a campaign group or a person who is known to us.
Liability: An EHS person who stays in the Refuge Zone does so entirely on their own responsibility in all conceivable circumstances. The organisation and the owner of the site accept no liability, civil or criminal, in case of any accident, etc. All vehicles present in the Refuge must be fully legal, and in particular fully insured.

There are two options for a stay:

- If you have your own camper van or a caravan, please send us at your date of arrival, even if it is approximate.
A map and directions will be sent to you by return.

- If you do not have a vehicle to stay in please send us at the exact dates when you would like to stay and we will send you an immediate answer depending on the availability of the caravans.

When you have confirmed your dates a map and directions will be sent to you.
If you wish to travel by train to Valence TGV station, someone can fetch you and take you back, but the transport will be charged for.

In any case a trial stay cannot exceed 3 days, so that caravan space is available for others. If you wish to stay longer you will have to obtain or rent a caravan or camper van. Some EHS also sleep in an estate car.

Reminder: Our organisation provides certain facilities such as shielded communal areas, gas cookers, showers, toilets, the discharge facility, lighting with incandescent or LED bulbs, earth cables, water, and electricity for those who wish, etc. Apart from that, the residents have to look after everything themselves and keep the place in order.
No animals are allowed.

In June 2010 an organic vegetable garden with irrigation was established in the Refuge for those who wish to use it.

About 1.5km from the Refuge Zone there is a small shop (set up by the district council) that provides basic food, bread and newspapers. There is also a phone box. The nearest organic shop is in the middle of Crest, about 6km away.
It is opposite a car park and easy to find but in an area with phone masts and WiFi, so a protective veil is advisable.

It is possible to send and receive personal emails from the Refuge without charge twice a day at the following address:

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