Criteria For Reversing Wireless Smart Meters (BCUC) Reconsideration Criteria For Reversing FortisBC’s Application For Wireless Smart Meters

Criteria For Reversing Wireless Smart Meters (BCUC) Reconsideration Criteria For Reversing FortisBC’s Application For Wireless Smart Meters

The only thing compatible with those microwaves are wireless, hence the importance of this document.
It is legal proceedings and I am a registered intervener
for the West Kootenay Concerned Citizens.

Curtis Bennett

By Curtis Bennett
October 25, 2021
This post is about reversing BC Hydro and FortisBC smart meter programs in BC, Canada through legal processes that exist today. Reversing BC smart meter programs will set the precedent for other municipalities, districts, native bands, provinces, states and countries to follow. 

The Specific Absorption Rate test for the limits of human exposure to RF EMFs is absolutely scientifically baseless. Had early sailors used this flat earth science for navigation, they would have fallen off the end of the ocean.

It is specifically causation and biological plausibility linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects admitted to be missing in Health Canada’s Safety Code 6(2009). The health reporting is undeniable and despite tens of thousands of documents,  causal evidence wasn’t known and mechanisms couldn’t be explained.

Hard wiring 30 computer stations in a classroom costs 10s of 1000s to construct and wire. Today, one Wi-Fi Router can radiate more than one classroom with these highly penetrating RF EMFs for wireless laptops or other devices. The school districts assume they saved millions in construction costs instead of the 100s of millions of dollars in liability and costs for putting children, students, teachers, support staff, buildings, infrastructure, etc inside a man made microwave oven.

All girls are born will all their eggs, Dr. Orr radiated chicken eggs for 4 hours a day and they hatch in 21 days. The chicks were mutated. Questions for lawyers include, “what is the right to reproduce  worth in a lawsuit?” When you go to school, you are graded and advance based on your intelligence. What is interfering with the nervous, hormonal and immune  system, cancers, seizures, etc of students worth in a lawsuit ? Young children are being misdiagnosed and medicated because they are acting out in school as well as home. What is that worth in a lawsuit and what about criminal liability.

BC Hydro mass installed 1.8 million meters severely compromising buildings as well as occupants. Those 1.8 million building will no longer comply with Building Code. BC Hydro will have liability for the buildings as well as occupants costing 100s of billions of dollars.

FortisBC admitted they will cover 17,000 sq. km. That is a 6564 sq. mile man made microwave oven. The liability to a publicly traded company for injuring millions as well as building costs will be expensive, insurers will not pay out on EMF health or property damage.

BC Hydro and FortisBC have serious problems for exceeding their jurisdiction. Here is one example. When did FortisBC and BC Hydro purchase part of each building in their jurisdictions? The meter base belongs to the building owner and the utility can not trespass to work on the meter base. Here is a picture from our electrical trade’s certification showing the electrical connection that defines jurisdiction for utility and electrician. 
Utility Supply and Consumers Service
The code also stated Safety Code 6 would be amended if peer reviewed science was found linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects. Health Canada didn’t amend the code showing causation and biological plausibility, they ignored it allowing 24/7 radiation of children and pregnant women.

Share this with your elected officials at different levels of government before the Reconsideration document this week for their education. Governments including FCC, IEEE, Health Canada, utilities and wireless industries can not supersede jurisdictions and blanket an area with these highly penetrating EMFs. We aren’t electrically compatible.
The legal framework to reverse BC smart meter programs was provided by the British Columbia Utilities Commission(BCUC) because I was a Registered Intervener in the FortisBC application to the BCUC. As directed by the BCUC, a document was sent to the Minister of Energy and others regarding BC Hydro on July 1, 2018.

BC Hydro used the Clean Energy Act to bypass the BCUC application when it isn’t applicable. Andy Shadrack called for a suspension of FortisBC’s meter program, my submission supported the suspension. This is utility court of the authority having jurisdiction for the Province of BC. It is the same as a state PUC.

A Reconsideration of FortisBC’s application requires proof that the BCUC made an error.  Here is the criteria of the BCUC for Reconsideration.

Did the BCUC make an error in accepting FortisBC’s application? Yes, margin of error 0%. Professor Curtis Bennett’s cross examination of FortisBC experts under oath confirmed critically important science missing in their report.

Do you  know  anyone with a plastic heads and body parts with liquid? The plastic head people are safe from adverse health effects from the radiation but humans will die. The plastic head was the science used to bypass all jurisdictions. Municipalities can have this in court and the application overturned immediately. Bypassing jurisdictions and right of ways for communication mandates was specific to wired communications, not wireless. There are very real reasons we wire the world.
SAM Phantom Model
SAM Phantom Model
To the left is a picture of test model used for Specific Absorption Rate Test.

The name of the test is an admission of absorption of RF energy when the EMFs are not supposed to hit people. Everything was based on heating, 100% of bio-electrical information associated with humans left out of global exposure codes & Exponent Inc.’s Risk Assessment Report for FortisBC.
This isn’t a debate, BC municipal, provincial and Government of Canada  were notified and warned of unrealized liabilities including Building Code compromises . The first 9 pages of Health Canada’s Safety Code 6(2009) for limits of human exposure’s admissions is all you need to read. The errors or omissions are alarming considering the scientific reality of blanket EMF exposure undermining all jurisdictions of government, all codes, laws, sciences, medicine, medical education, universities, tech schools and global academia. Microwaving the atmosphere for ease of communication heats the atmosphere when there is no acceptable man made heating of the atmosphere. BC Hydro and FortisBC using the atmosphere for wireless communications is microwaving(heating the atmosphere) creating unrealized climate hell. Heating the atmosphere  changes weather. That undermines the Clean Energy Act and climate change objectives.

There have been unfortunate ongoing developments that require clarification because it pertains to everyone. It requires that I respond in the best interests of all. It is my job and nothing personal but any slander or misrepresentations of my credentials has to be addressed.

Facebook Groups that had asked our teams participation on wireless were sent private messages by Janis Hoffman and CST Director Sharon Noble slandering Professor Bennett’s credentials. They were not technically disqualifying Bennett, just being sneaky, dirty and undermining their own wireless objectives. People have died and committed suicide, these negligent “leaders” goal is to slander a credential and undermine those people.

All Noble or anyone had to do was do the proper vetting before undermining people screaming for their lives. Retired RN Donna Bohannon interviewed Professor Bennett several times after verifying the medical accreditation. Donna worked Pediatrics(ICU), policy and procedure which makes her a competent professional. Noble & associates should have contacted the health education administrator of the CME programs and they would have explained the credential.

The Integrative Health Forum and Associates are a group of 14,000 licensed health and consulting professionals putting on accredited medical education programs for health professionals. That accreditation is applicable to health professionals in North America for Continuing Medical Education credits REQUIRED for ongoing medical licensing.

C Martin of CST is an art student who didn’t believe Bennett was a professor. According to Martin, Bennett had to get a PhD for a doctorate.

People including Noble will have to account for what they did or did not do regarding wireless exposure. For people reading these posts and hearing or listening about ignoring this team’s work denies their own team the causal evidence missing from the beginning. Any professional should not be anonymous, step up and technically disqualify Bennett for all to see. Those of you that listened to Noble, Havas, Hoffman, Martin, Josh Del Sol, etc without doing your homework denied the causal evidence all levels of government are looking for to stop this assault.

As a Registered Intervener in the FortisBC application for wireless smart meters, Bennett was provided legal avenues by the BCUC to reverse BC Hydro and FortisBC smart meter programs.

I can’t apologize enough for the circumstances that have allowed populations including babies and pregnant women to be placed in man made microwave ovens for ease of communication. EMFs are not supposed to hit you or you are inside a wireless electrical circuit .

Blanket electromagnetic radiation is required for the wireless grid. If there are dead spots, wireless devices won’t work. 5G and the US as an example mass installing 300,000 mini towers for the wireless grid. Once the grid is in, devices can be layered on and power density(electrical load) will get higher. The higher the power density, more current induced. Power = Watts X Amps

Making it more scientifically horrific  is the fact building development, infrastructure, ecosystems, atmosphere, pollinators, etc are in the wireless grid. The unrealized trade off is building and engineered designs will no longer be compliant with Building Code. Jurisdictions have not been been informed that a communications mandate using wireless has superseded their jurisdictional authority. Buildings no longer compliant with codes will revert back to the lender. They can NOT be sold or occupied until code compliant. Code compliance protects everyone including the investment.

It never should have been allowed to happen  where a collectively corrupt process including elected officials have allowed for their constituents and their own children to be inside a wireless electrical circuit.  The exposure puts constituents inside a man made microwave oven on low. Not only is the process heating meat(tissue) in the microwave, the EMFs hitting humans is creating a bio-electrical hell with damage/liability measurable by the second.

Ask your police, fire,  medical professional, etc how long you can put a baby in a microwave for? How long can a pregnant mom and her baby be in a microwave oven for? People with pacemakers are told to stay away from EMFs or induction ovens or it can trigger the pacemaker. Electromagnetic radiation is inducing electrical currents into humans, exposure codes admit it in the Purpose of the Code.  Current kills and inducing current increases biological voltages.

Peer reviewed science called Ohm’s Law(volts=current X resistance)

FortisBC’s application for the BCUC for wireless smart meters was rubber stamped by the BC Utilities Commission. The BCUC was technically overwhelmed and BC Hydro used the Clean Energy Act to bypass the British Columbia Utilities Commission application when the Clean Energy Act isn’t applicable. BC Hydro can not used the Clean Energy Act to supersede jurisdictions of municipalities, Regional Districts and native bands. That would bring an unrealized liability to the different levels of governments they haven’t been made aware of.

At the same time Health Canada was revising Safety Code 6(2009) for the limits of human exposure, Prime Minister Harper’s administration auctioned off the 700 MHz EMFs. Media reported 700 MHz penetrated deeper into buildings and underground parking.

At the same time Canada was revising Safety Code 6, 150 million allocated to Kindergarten in Ontario where the babies get Wi-Fi. Ottawa parks, Toronto streets and no stopping of mass deployment. Health Canada retained the Royal Society of Canada for the revision of Safety Code 6(2009) whom I understood were the intellectually elite.

Due to the fact I was a registered intervener for the West Kootenay Concerned Citizens in the FortisBC application for wireless smart meters,

Former Professor Curtis Bennett

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