British Columbia Utilities Commission on Reversing FortisBC & BC Hydro’s
Illegal Wireless Smart Meter Program is Applicable to Public Utility Commissions Globally

British Columbia Utilities Commission on Reversing FortisBC & BC Hydro’s Illegal Wireless Smart Meter Program is Applicable to Public Utility Commissions Globally
By Curtis Bennett

April 19, 2016

British Columbia Utilities Commission on Reversing FortisBC & BC Hydro’s Illegal Wireless Smart Meter Program is Applicable to Public Utility Commissions Globally

B.C. Utilities Commission
900 Howe Street
Sixth Floor
Vancouver, B.C.
V6Z 2N3

Att: British Columbia Utilities Commission

I have copied this to the Commission Secretary as well as Complaints and would ask the BCUC to pass this on to applicable departments as well as governments at the required level.

I was a Registered Intervener in the FortisBC Application for wireless smart meters and while I cross examined FortisBC “experts” for 3.5 hours, FortisBC chose not to cross examine me. Although the BCUC Panel is reported to have reviewed my qualifications, in their summary they were dismissive of my credentials even though none of the panel or experts were technically qualified in an opinion. Legislative Reporter Tom Fletcher wrote:

“Curtis Bennett’s qualifications have been reviewed by the BC Utilities Commission, when he presented his weird theories about “molecular earthquakes” triggered by wireless power meters in 2013.

The BCUC panel wrote: “While Mr. Bennett has an electrician’s knowledge of electrical systems, it is clear that he is unqualified to give expert opinion evidence on the health effects of RF, exposure standards for RF, engineering, physics or geological phenomena such as earthquakes.”

Had the BCUC or FortisBC cross examined me, they would have found out my “electrician’s knowledge of electrical systems” are in reality the Governments across Canada and Industry Canada’s trained and certified professional. I carry Government ID provided by the Province of BC and Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal) provided by the Government of Canada. That means I am one of the experts specific to the electrical energy produced by utilities. Topping that off, my personal electrical background includes oilfield, energy, lumber mills, mines, etc and later consulting for billion dollar industries as well as their insurers at the same time.

The BCUC can see by a link provided that includes a letter to FortisBC, BC Hydro and others that FortisBC dismissed my Building Engineering Credential from NAIT. My fellow graduates for that program work and consult for the biggest construction companies in the world as as municipalities as Building or Fire Inspectors, estimators, etc.

The BCUC dismissed my Thermal Radiation background of 35 years consulting for industries across the board. The Government of Canada has used our work as their standard in RFP for Aerial Imaging of Groundwater. That background includes consulting for FortisBC and many utilities isolating electrical/refractory/mechanical failures before they happen. Billion dollar industry has scheduled shutdowns based on our reporting and I led those teams.

Being cleared by Canada’s Defence Minister on a vulnerability after 9/11 required more than an electrician’s knowledge.

Gordon Fulton and FortisBC lawyers require ongoing education credits or they are suspended from practicing law. The BCUC, FortisBC lawyers and Mr. Fulton dismissed or ignored the reality I am a Professor lecturing medical education for Continuing Medical Education Credits required for ongoing medical licensing. I lectured causation linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects meaning it isn’t an opinion, it is now accepted medical education. That credential is applicable to health professionals across the U.S., Canada and expanding. Being a Professor in advancements in medical education applicable to all took many years and millions of our own dollars. Damage to humans from wireless interaction can be seen and qualified now. Unfortunately FortisBC lawyers spent more time trying to represent my title as Chief Science Officer as a self imposed title.

What FortisBC and the BCUC referred to as a weird theory on molecular earthquakes is the electrical reality of electromagnetically inducing buildings, infrastructure and ecosystems. What FortisBC and the BCUC referred to as a phenomena was confirmed in BCUC transcripts by my direct cross examination of Exponent Inc’s Electrical Engineer Yakov Shkolnikov. Mark Warren was so far over his head calling what I said as a theory when the peer reviewed science of electromagnetic induction is how utilities generate electricity.

In calling for a reversal of the FortisBC and BC Hydro smart meter program as well as a Forensic Audit, it is specific to the FortisBC application as well as BC Hydro bypassing all regulatory process in their application for wireless. The BC Legislative Assembly allowing that bypass of all regulation has created real problems with a trillion dollar liability separate of the criminal liability.

In my opening statement for the BCUC, I looked forward to cross examination because I was there in my professional capacity warning of the liability including smart meters not saving 1 watt of energy.

The document to FortisBC is 9 pages and includes transcripts and evidence of the BCUC with FortisBC “experts” admitting critical science was missing from their risk assessment report for FortisBC.

The unfortunate result of the FortisBC application being rubber stamped and BC Hydro bypassing all regulation is the BCUC Panel has allowed utilities to bypass all regulation including BC Building Code using a plastic head with water in it. The Specific Absorption Rate test model has zero applicability to BC Building Code and all municipalities as well as Regional Districts have been undermined. New and existing buildings will be non compliant with BC Building Code meaning no mortgage, insurance or occupancy. The RF EMFs even interacting with BC Hydro’s Dams will cause accelerated corrosion and non compliance with BC Building Code Rule where Shkolnikov confirmed the 900 MHz RF EMFs will oscillate or expand and contract inside walls, Fire Separations or bodies 1.8 billion times per second and Wi-Fi 4.9 billion times per second.

In closing the smart grid has to be shut down and there is no margin of error. It will undermine climate change objectives set out by PM Trudeau and 195 UN Members. The grid and high speed oscillations will heat the atmosphere changing weather and that peer reviewed science is electricity. As Mark Warren confirmed under cross examination, no one was informed or consulted nor did he think it was a good idea. Provincial medical professionals were not informed that the scope of diagnosis had changed. Education will have to shut down because all sciences have changed with the blanket electromagnetic induction.

The damage is measurable by the second including to your own buildings and families. where Dr. Bailey of Exponent Inc admitted under cross examination that nervous, hormonal and immune systems will be compromised at the same time. I will guarantee that this won’t be popular but being administratively dismissive will result in liability as well as criminal charges. There are no circumstances where the BCUC or utilities can put babies, children and others inside man made microwave ovens.

While I look forward to a response, this isn’t a debate and the reason I was a Registered Intervener at the hearings in Kelowna representing the best interests of all. Here is the link that includes the letter to FortisBC and others. This should help Public Utility Commissions around the world understand how people are hit and hurt based on the plastic head science. It is disgraceful for taxpayers to fund their own electrocution based on a plastic head.


Professor Curtis Bennett

Chief Science Officer
Adjunct Professor for Accredited Medical Education for CME Credits
Thermal Radiation Consultant for 35 Years
Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal)
Building Construction Engineering Technologist
Ph: 604-239-2694
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