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Dianne Knight
In December of 2008, Dianne received an almost lethal injury when Toronto Hydro activated the wireless radiation transmitting smart meters in her neighbourhood. Trapped inside her apartment, not able to escape the activation of the smart meter mounted on the exterior of the house, located just below the area where Dianne was sleeping, along with its network, she was in a state of natural suspension of consciousness with vivid dreams for about 48 hours, except for twice daily very brief periods taking care of physical necessities.

After awakening, Dianne discovered that she was unable to speak correctly, along with numerous other symptoms. She found that she could type to communicate, with infinite corrections permitted while composing an email.
Almost no one in her life figured out that it took a tremendous amount of effort to do all tasks, functioning at roughly 10% of what she could do previously.

Back in the 1980s Dianne was aware of the detrimental health effects of wireless technology and this consideration was forgotten in the increasing Electrosmog. 

Dianne had been an early user of wireless technology. For a decade she was a contracted worker, utilizing a merchant's wireless Point of Sale Terminal and carried two cell phones and a pager, visiting various locations in Canada, from Kingston, Ontario to Winnipeg, Manitoba, driving 300,000 kilometers.

Realizing what happened when personally seriously impacted, and unable to continue working in her position, Dianne chose a Toronto neighbourhood with very low wireless signals to create a home with a hard-wired computer and a landline phone.

The local hospital banned Dianne, unable to provide a safe environment. Doctors' clinics and public transit were not accessible either. Dianne was forced into social isolation at home, venturing out once a week for groceries by foot. 

Dianne found that she could not perform in a regular job for longer than two weeks before being let go, due to employers using wireless technology in the workplaces, ignorant of the health effects, whenever she tried to generate income. 

Symptoms were substantial and debilitating; thus Dianne found an innovative way to work around them somewhat. It took her 8 or 10 hours to do a little contracted job at home that could have been done in an hour by a person who was not yet showing effects from wireless electricity. She had found her new niche and she learned all she could about the harm of Dirty Electricity, Radio Frequency Microwave Radiation and other Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and how to mitigate each kind, if possible.

Perseverance to share the danger of wireless technology, with potentially life-saving information concerning the harm of EMFs produced an unimaginable blessing. Professor Curtis Bennett discovered Dianne's web site Stay On The Truth and interviewed Dianne by brief telephone calls after he discovered one of his letters posted there. After nine months, one day he announced that he was going to save her life. His tremendous kindness turned her life around for the far better, with countless hours of his devotion. Also Professor Curtis Bennett cared for every additional person he could help, who Dianne brought to his attention. 
Dianne is extraordinarily and eternally grateful for the excellent work of Professor Curtis Bennett, who educated Dianne with a tiny portion of the material that he lectures at the Continuing Medical Education (CME) level. He explained that his Causation and Codes and Standards body of work is electrically substantiating RF EMF Research Scientists good work. Also Professor Curtis Bennett corrected the work of several of Dianne's wonderful previous EMF mentors who each gave to the best of their academic abilities, scientifically proving that there is no safe level of exposure.

Professor Curtis Bennett has the legal evidence showing how reducing levels of Radio Frequency Microwave Radiation exposure will not save Humanity, Creatures, Nature, Infrastructure and the entire Planet. Over time, we would end up without life, with the lowest level of exposure, if not for his exceptional intervention.

With Gratitude
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