5G Roll-out Facing $1 Trillion Class Action Lawsuit

April 18, 2019
by Professor Curtis Bennett
The title speaks for itself and is the reality of what is coming for the wireless industry and those that participated in this crime. This is why industries, utilities and different levels of governments were warned. Special interests including political parties had their own agenda with their greed and ignorance.

Our team has a 40 year background in risk assessment for industries across the board isolating electrical/mechanical/refractory problems before they fail. Otherwise the failures can cause catastrophic damage, lost production, economy and injuries or loss of life. Our reporting was so accurate, industries would schedule shutdowns based on our reporting.

Here is one example of what can be seen and industry professionals can address.
Isolating & Repairing Electrical Problems Before Failure, Fires & Explosions
Isolating & Repairing Electrical Problems Before Failure, Fires & Explosions
Here is an example of what can happen with EMFs when they are allowed to interact with their environment. This was an electrical installation created by electricians not qualified for this type of work. This created a very dangerous and deadly environment where a major ground fault under load can happen. Explosions, fires, electrocution and shutting down a division of the lumber industry. The costs versus the 100 dollar piece of mica board(insulation) missed in the original installation.
EFs can be very dangerous
Here is a picture of the science used by FCC, Health Canada, global governing bodies, utilities and the wireless industry globally to substantiate safety of wireless. It is the same science being used to bypass and supersede ALL levels of jurisdictions(government).
Science used for mass deployment of wireless
Science used for mass deployment of wireless
This link is evidence provided for the British Columbia Utilities Commission calling for a suspension of FortisBC’s smart meter program.
This is the link to the trillion dollar lawsuit. Keep in mind 1 trillion isn’t enough. Buildings and infrastructure in EVERY city or area blanketed with RF EMFs. Damage to dams, nuclear power plants, eco devastation including atmosphere. Every exposed citizen has a multi million dollar lawsuit including babies in the womb.

There will be no insurance as they will not pay out 1 dollar, the trillions will come from assets and personal wealth. Then they will account for their crimes in criminal court. This is why Gateshead Council, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Health Canada, provinces, states, countries, Prime Ministers, FortisBC, BC Hydro, etc were warned.

The missing causal/biological evidence linking RF EMFs to adverse health was found, reported and lectured for Continuing Medical Education credits REQUIRED for ongoing medical licensing. That accredited medical education program by the Integrative Health Forum and Global Education Development Institute is the most advanced medical education in the world. Their medical program related to the causal evidence was applicable to health professionals in North America. The medical program link above is a letter from health education admin and important to share with your medical professionals.
Professor Curtis Bennett
Chief, International Science Advisory Board for IHF(14,301 members) 
Adjunct Professor for Accredited Medical Education For CME Credits 
Thermal Radiation Consultant for 44 Years 
Inter-provincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal)
Building Construction Engineering Technologist 

“Bringing the Invisible to Light Since 1979”

Wireless Communication is Electromagnetic Radiation Inducing Current, Changing ALL Sciences

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"All life depends on it."

~ Professor Curtis Bennett

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PDF of BCUC Reconsideration

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Adjunct Professor Curtis Bennett

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