Mon, Mar 23, 2015, Phone call To Mark Warren, FortisBC
From:  Adjunct Professor Curtis Bennett

From: Curtis Bennett <>
Date: Mon, Mar 23, 2015 at 2:03 PM
Subject: Re: Phone call
To: "Warren, Mark" <>


In your absence I asked to speak with the CEO Michael Mulcahy, especially after your recent media through the Kelowna Cap News.

The transcripts and evidence of the BCUC is the BC Government. You did not qualify the safety and applicability of your smart meter program which brings a substantial liability to FortisBC as well as Kelowna. Exponent Expert Shkolnikov said it would be his duty to revise their report on Risk Assessment if critical science was missing. Exponent experts admitted critical science was missing from their reporting and you and Loski referring to electricity as a hypothesis is ridiculous. You dismissed BC Building Code rules specific to this without consulting engineers.

Now you get to be liable as the mass installation of meters as applied has pulled over 22,000 buildings off the market. Your reckless endangerment will be accounted for and the specific reason you were warned. Shkolnikov admitted under direct cross examination that static charges can be induced that could set off explosions which directly undermines you Gas Utility.

Ohms Law is Volts = amps x resistance and electromagnetically inducing currents increases cellular voltages where .2 millionths of 1 volt increase changes white blood cells(cancers) Dr. Bailey confirmed under cross that the EMFs trigger nerves but had to hit people. He also confirmed the nervous hormonal and immune systems work together.

The City of Kelowna City Council is referring people to FortisBC and the BCUC on a Building Code violation when neither of you are the authority having jurisdiction. Expose codes state the EMFs are not supposed to hit people yet you admit to blanketing 17,000 sq. kms. FortisBC's Holiday Inn isn't designed the EMF interaction and will be non compliant with BC Building Code.

I apologize that this was over your head technically. The FortisBC application should have been failed by the BCUC but that would have meant BC Hydro's smart meter program would be reversed.

I would like to meet with Michael, yourself and Loski based on an unprecedented urgency. The CEO needs to know Auditors, insurers, lawyers and unions are not laughing. Nether are industries or Universities where you have effectively changed engineering and biology. You have changed Canadian Electrical Code with classed areas where a spark can create massive explosions.

Please have Michael call me and once again we aren't lobbyists nor is what I am saying exclusive to me. You can explain to Michael how you dismissed electricity as peer reviewed science. People are getting file numbers locally with the RCMP and the RCMP are getting meters on their own member's homes endangering their own families.

My number is on the letter and I look forward to assisting FortisBC avoid liability that will far exceed assets. That is separate of the criminal liability. Last week we received calls from concerned parents about their children having seizures and before you dismiss it, your one antenna reaches 3 kms. If you induce one pacemaker, who goes to jail for that? The damage is measurable by the second and I don't want to hear your unqualified opinion as a response.

Curtis Bennett
Chief Science Officer
Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal)
Engineering Technologist
Adjunct Professor for Integrative Health Forum & GEDI                           
35 Year Advanced Thermography Background

Ph: 604-239-2694

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On Mon, Mar 23, 2015 at 1:10 PM, Warren, Mark wrote: |

Hi Curtis,

I understand that you called on Friday. Is there something I can help you with?

Thanks, Mark

Curtis Bennett



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