Liberty in Action, WMQM 1600 AM, 2017 02 20

Liberty in Action, WMQM 1600 AM

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This interview is important for proving causation but needs to be expanded on by all professionals in their capacity.

The FCC, global governing bodies, wireless and other industries use a plastic body part for the Specific Absorption Rate Test. Boeing used potatoes as passengers in tests on Wi-Fi in planes in 2012.

Humans and biology are not plastic nor potatoes, 100% of the bio electrical information associated with humans was left out. RF EMF exposure codes are specific that these RF EMFs are NOT supposed to hit people or it triggers nerves and muscles with a bigger domino effect.

Two talk show hosts team up to get the full scoop from Prof. Curtis Bennett concerning the multiple risks, internationally, about SMART METERS!

WEDNESDAY 5 PM (Central) LIBERTY in ACTION (Feb 15, 2017)
Radio Host: Donna Bohannon
(NEW Interview!!)
GUEST: Prof. Curtis Bennett ( is an Adjunct Professor and Chief, Scientific Advisory Board of the The Integrative Health Forum, and a Registered Intervener, offering updated "tell-all" facts about the SMART METER GRID.
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You're going to have a nuclear failure within borders.
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